Mr. Quilt is very angry

When he was kicked off by the little owner again, Mr. Quilt was very angry.

The restless little master kicks off Mr. quilt almost every night. However, the dedicated Mr. Quilt will take the initiative to climb back to the little master every time. But this time it does not plan to do it again. “Hmph, pull it down without cover!” Mr. Quilt said angrily.

But it’s a quilt, what else can you do if you don’t keep the little owner warm?

“I’m coming to sleep, too.” So Mr. Quilt went to sleep comfortably.

Falling asleep, Mr. Quilt suddenly sneezed and woke up.

“Huh, it’s dawn so soon?” Mr. Quilt yawned, and he was suddenly surprised to find that he became a little master lying on the bed with a quilt beside him.

What is going on here? Mr. Quilt didn’t understand yet, he sneezed again after another.

“Oh, you must have taken a cold while you slept off the quilt!” The little master’s parents heard the sound and rushed over.

They put a thick sweater on Mr. Quilt.

They fed Mr. Quilt a very bitter medicine.

They let Mr. Quilt stay at home obediently and were not allowed to run around.

However, Mr. Quilt’s cold did not get better, and the little master’s parents had to send it to the hospital.

Seeing that the nurse was about to give himself an injection, Mr. Quilt was so frightened that he ran away.

Running, Mr. Quilt accidentally fell. The little master’s parents immediately jumped up and hugged it…

Mr. Quilt suddenly woke up.

It was still dark, and the little master was still sleeping on the bed.

“Oh, it turned out to be just a dream…” Mr. Quilt breathed a long sigh of relief.

Seeing the little master in his sleep curled up into a ball, Mr. Quilt couldn’t help feeling a little nervous.

“Snee–” The little master sneezed suddenly.

Oops, the little master caught a cold! Mr. Quilt remembered what happened to him in the dream, and immediately climbed back to the little master and hugged him firmly. Yes, it doesn’t want everything in the dream to become reality in the little master. With Mr. quilt to keep warm, the little master is not cold anymore, and he sleeps soundly and soundly.

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