Mr. Snail’s Courier Company

When Mr. Snail showed up, he was often laughed at because he walked too slowly. His neighbor, Miss Ant, said: “No wonder you can’t walk fast, because you use your belly as an ankle. If you are a courier and a letter is delivered 10 miles away, when will it be delivered?”

Mr. Snail is not angry: “I don’t worry about anything, I don’t have to go quickly.

However, Miss Ant’s words still touched him: it is not appropriate to deliver the letter by himself, but opening a courier company and hiring some to run fast to deliver it can also make a lot of money!

So, a fast express company was established, and Mr. Snail started looking for a courier. He saw that Miss Ant had 6 feet and walked much faster than herself. He thought that the more feet she would run, the faster she would run. So whenever a candidate comes, he first counts how many feet they have.

The first person who came to apply for the job was the ostrich “Scaud”. Mr. Snail didn’t look at him, and said, “You only have two feet, and you call yourself a’scud’! Wait until you have a few more feet, come here to try your luck again!”

“Scud” explained patiently: “You can’t just look at a few legs, I run at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour!”

Mr. Snail is no longer interested in him, so he doesn’t believe him.

Next came the kangaroo “spring-legged”. Mr. Snail said coldly: “I just left a two-legged one, and another two-legged one came!”

“I’m standing now. You think I only have two legs. If I get down, there will be two more legs?” “Spring Legs” fell down.

“Your forelegs are so short, you don’t have it!” Mr. Snail smiled.

“Even if I only have two legs, I can jump at an amazing speed, and I can run 60 kilometers per hour!”

Mr. Snail retracted his head into the shell to let the “spring legs” stop talking.

Two days later, the spider came to apply. Mr. Snail counted, yo, 8 legs, 2 more than the ant. He must run fast, so he made him a courier.

Unexpectedly, customers have great opinions on the efficiency of their company: “The express company should be renamed as a slow delivery company!”

At this moment, two more came to apply. Like spiders, they are also arthropods, but with much more feet, they are centipedes and horses. Counting their feet is really tiring. From verse 2 to verse 4, there is 1 pair of feet in each verse; from verse 5 to 20, there are 2 pairs of feet in each verse. With so many feet, why can’t you run fast? Mr. Snail was very happy: “Great, hire now.”

Mr. Snail thought that with these two multi-leg couriers, the customer would be very satisfied, who knows that to his surprise, the customer still complains that the delivery is too slow and refuses to pay!

Mr. Snail couldn’t figure out why the customer had more opinions on Malu? How could he send it more slowly than the centipede? At this time, Miss Ant came, and she brought a message: Uncle Macaque also opened a courier company, and the business was very prosperous. Mr. Snail asked her who the uncle macaque hired? She said it was the ostrich “scud” and the kangaroo “spring-legged”.

Mr. Snail is dumbfounded, why is it so popular when he gets there?

A few days later, Miss Ant came and told him: Uncle Macaque hired two more couriers. They are four-legged antelopes and cheetahs. They run much faster than ostriches and kangaroos!

“I don’t understand this. Four legs run faster than two legs, which means that the one with more legs runs faster than the one with fewer legs. Then why do centipedes and horses have so many legs but not run fast?” Mr. Snail sighed With a tone of confusion on his face.

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