Mushroom house

The little rabbit likes to look at the moon.

In summer nights, little rabbits often lie on the grass, looking at the round or crooked moon.

However, there will be a few days in a month without the moon, and the little rabbit will lie on the grass and watch the stars.

On this day, the little rabbit lay on the grass again and watched the moon.

Looking around, she fell asleep.

Suddenly, it started to rain, but the little rabbit didn’t know at all. When she woke up, she realized that she was soaked all over, and later caught a cold.

The little bunny thought: How can I lie down and watch the sky again, without getting caught in the rain?

She found a mushroom the size of a house.

The little rabbit dug a door on the mushroom and hollowed out the inside, which became a mushroom house.

Then, the little rabbit dug a hole in the cover of the mushroom.

Why dig such a hole?

The little rabbit said to himself: This is to see the moon and the stars.

Now, the little rabbit is lying in the house and can see the moon and stars.

Looking at it, the little rabbit fell asleep. In the middle of the night, it started to rain again.

Raindrops fell into the room from the hole in the roof, and there was water everywhere in the room.

When the rain stopped, the little rabbit found a large glass and covered it on the roof.

Now, the little rabbit is satisfied: on a sunny night, he can see the moon and stars; on a rainy night, he can hear the sound of rain falling on the glass.

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