Music tree

Bessie’s ideal is to be a musician. He especially likes the violin and has been learning the violin since the first grade of elementary school. He dreams of one day becoming a world-famous violinist like Paganini. Every morning, he practiced piano against Zaoxia until he went to school; in the evening, he finished his homework and continued to pull in the moonlight until late at night. His fingers were frayed by the strings, and blood dripped in the mud; his sweat kept flowing, dripping under his feet like spring water. He pulled it day by day, year after year, and, accompanied by the sound of the violin, changed from a child to a teenager. However, his dream-to make the violin make beautiful music, has not yet become a reality. His violin can only make a monotonous, boring sound, as plain as a glass of boiled water.

Sparrows often stand on the branches and laugh at him: “Hehe, Bessie, your piano is just like a rooster, it’s really ugly! You learn how to sing, chirping, how nice it is!” The

insects are also there. Bessie jokes in the grass: “Haw, haw, look at that silly boy with a weird thing around his neck. It looks ugly and sounds ugly. It’s not as good as us. Using wings as a piano is convenient and nice!”

They laughed. , It burned Bessie’s heart like fire. He threw the violin to the ground angrily and said: “I will never play again!”

Fortunately, the violin did not break, only fell from the neck of the neck. For small nail-sized fragments, the sound of the piano was not affected.

The small fragment got into the mud.

The next day, Bessie was surprised to find that a small bamboo shoot had emerged from the place where he was playing and throwing the piano. He bent down to take a closer look, hey, what kind of bamboo shoots are this, this is a weird little sapling! Its trunk is thin and smooth, like a small silver flute, with a few small golden leaves growing on it.

Bessie was so happy that she couldn’t help playing the violin again. strangeness! As soon as the piano sounded, the young sapling sprang up, growing faster than spring bamboo shoots after the rain, but when Bessie stopped, the young sapling remained silent and refused to grow at all.

What kind of weird tree is this? The sparrows and the insects all said: “We have never seen it, we don’t know, we don’t know.” They were all stunned, looking at the tree dumbly.

A well-informed old swallow flew by and said: “I know, I know, this kind of tree is called a “music tree”, I have seen it on the distant Chulaba Island. This tree is a fragment of that violin. Yes, Bessie’s blood and sweat watered the land, and his music gave it life again, turning it into a peculiar tree. Bessie, pull it! Music is the nutrient of the music tree. Water it with the sound of the piano!”

Bessie pulled it up again. I saw this strange tree shaking its branches and growing straight up, the longer it grew faster, the higher it grew, and the bigger it grew. It soon grew into a towering tree.

This big tree is very peculiar: the thick trunk shines like a shiny silver pillar; the golden leaves overlap, like a string of golden locks; the branches are also silver, shaped like a handful Piano bow. The wind blew, the branches and leaves shook, making a clinking sound.

What is even more strange is that soon, on the top of the music tree, a white fruit the size of a matchbox came out. The fruit was shaped like a violin. There are four shiny silver threads on the fruit, they are different in thickness, just like the strings of four violin.

The old swallow told Bessie: “This is a violin fruit. When it matures, you pick it down, and then take a branch to make a bow. It becomes a new violin, and you can use it to play the violin. “The

violin fruit grows bigger and bigger, it grows as big as an ordinary violin; its color gradually changes from white to golden yellow-it is finally mature! Bessie took it off.

Bessie took off another branch that resembled a bow, and used the “bow” to pull it up on the violin fruit. Ah, its sound is really beautiful! The thickest G string sounds as deep as the sea; the D string sounds like a gentle spring breeze blowing in the valley; the A string sounds like a mountain spring flowing; the thinnest E The string, like a skylark singing in the sky…

It happened to be Sunday, and Bessie didn’t need to go to school. He pulled it away, forgetting to eat the pan, and pulled it until the moon rose.

That night, the moon was particularly round and bright, hanging in the sky like a silver plate. The moonlight was like running water, washing everything in the garden extraordinarily clean. Quietly, quietly, the leaves do not move, the grass does not move, there is no wind, no insects, only the sound of Bessie’s violin, flowing in this pure and quiet moonlight river.

The sound of this violin is so beautiful, as beautiful as the fairy music in the sky!

Suddenly, the music tree shook violently and produced a pleasant harmony. For a while, it seemed like countless violins were playing, accompanied by Bessie’s violin; after a while, it made a piano sound again, ding ding dong dong, Like with Bessie, playing violin and piano sonatas; after a while, it emits the sounds of various instruments, such as cello, French horn, flute, oboe, harp, bass drum, etc., just like a large band playing a symphony… a

song Another song, Bessie pulled, kept pulling, let his violin and music tree play beautiful music together. He is immersed in his musical world.

Bessie’s dream has finally come true! He became the happiest person in the world!

Suddenly, Bessie was surprised to find that in the moonlight, beside him, there were countless butterflies flying and countless bees flying. On the branches of the music tree, there are countless birds resting. Those birds that can sing, the Orioles, Thrushes, Larks, Skylarks, Nightingales… all cooperated with the music and sang a song that they listened to, while the sparrows closed their mouths in shame. There are also those insects who can sing, katydid, cicada, cricket, weaver, Jin Zhonger… all sang “chirps” and “bells” and bounced around in the grass. All the flowers in the garden are open. Osmanthus, jasmine, rose, gardenia, and white orchid all give off a refreshing fragrance; poppies, dianthus, rhododendron, canna, and daylily are all more gorgeous. Willows and grasses, all swaying their curvaceous waists, are intoxicated by the sound of music…After

playing this, as long as Bessie pulls up his violin made of violin, the music tree will echo each other and make wonderful music together. .

One day, Bessie was playing the violin, and the sparrows babbled again: “Look, there are many people on the road over there!”

The old swallow flew over to take a look, and after a while he flew back and reported, “I Know them, it’s a group of reporters.”

These reporters gathered around Bessie and the Music Tree, taking pictures, recording and video recording, and spent most of the day.

The next day, in one of the nation’s largest newspapers, people saw a line of super headline: “Magical Music Tree, Genius Musician”. Under this headline, there is a full-page article praising Bessie and the music tree, in which there is a passage: “…what is Paganini! Our Bessie has long regarded this 19th century world famous The Italian violinist is far behind! Bessie is our greatest contemporary musical genius! The music tree he cultivated can be called the fairy tree, which cannot be competed with by any famous band in the world. This is another world wonder after the pyramids and the Sphinx…”

Other newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV stations are not to be outdone. They report the latest news about Bessie and Music Tree every day. On the cover of each issue of the magazine, people can see pictures of Bessie playing the piano in the music tree; the first song of the radio station every morning is always Bessie’s violin song; the TV station is always on the golden broadcast time every day. There are special programs played by Bessie. Bessie has become an idol worshipped by all boys and girls in the country, and teachers and parents are more enthusiastic. In the classroom or at home, they always educate children endlessly to learn from Bessie. Bessie’s deeds were also written by writers as reportage, novels, poems, and plays; by artists, they were painted into various paintings, molded into various images, and

composed into various songs… The music tree also enjoyed the glory and As a special treatment, people decorate its tree body with gold, silver, and precious stones, spread marble on the ground around it, use white jade to protect it, and use silk and satin to build a shed to shield it from wind, rain and hot sun… It has become a beauty “Attractions” are exclusively for people to visit. The ticket price of its ticket has exceeded the ticket price of all parks in the country.

One day, a foreign guest came-the president of a big country. He wants to listen to the music played by Bessie and the Music Tree.

People hurriedly played tapes and videos of Bessie’s performance for the VIP, but he didn’t even look at it. He said: “These tapes and videos are not real performances and have no value. I want Bessie to play for me himself.”

Bessie had to pick up his violin again.

Unexpectedly, the violin made a hoarse and unpleasant sound, groaning like people had a toothache; the music tree was also silent, with no sound.

People hurriedly took a bunch of branches from the music tree and took a closer look. At first glance, they were all shocked-even though they were thriving on the surface, they would turn into powder with just a light touch. People climbed to the tree to take a closer look, and saw that the middle of the trunk was also completely empty.

The music tree has lost its life!

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