When Empress Wu Zetian was in power, there was a scholar who followed Yushi to the Kingdom of Silla.

Unexpectedly, the fleet encountered a strong wind, the ship capsized, and the scholar climbed onto a small boat and was blown away to a distant country. The people there are very strange-looking, both male and female, with long beards on their lower jaws.

The scholar went ashore and asked the first person he met: “Where is this place? Who are you?”

The man told him, “This is Fusang Island. We are citizens of Changxu Country.” “The

scholar settled down, traveled in Changxu State, visited local nobles and officials. The locals heard that he was a scholar of Datang, and they all respected him very much and received him with grand etiquette.

One day, the king sent ten chariots and horses to welcome the scholar into the palace, and respectfully asked him: “Chinese sergeant, what do you think is the first principle of governing the country?” The

scholar said: “Is the first important element of governing a country?” It’s’wind.’

“What is’wind?”

“‘Wind? It is ethics and customs. Haven’t you heard this ballad:’The smoke of the south wind can relieve my people’s sorrow. South’ When the wind comes, we can enrich the wealth of our people.” The

king was very impressed, and immediately appointed the scholar as the head of the wind, full-time management of the customs and etiquette of the country.

The scholar took the post and managed Chang Xuguo in an orderly and orderly manner in just three months.

King Longyan Dayue gave him a great reward, and also betrothed the eldest princess Hongxia to him.

In this way, the scholar became the son-in-law of Changxu Country. He joined the princes and nobles, ate delicious food, put on beautiful clothes, and went on a high-carriage horse. In this way, his life is going well. However, there was one thing that made him sad, like a fishbone stuck in his throat.

What’s the matter? It turned out that although his wife, Princess Hongxia, had a beautiful face, she also had a few hard and long beards on her chin. The scholar stared at those long beards every day and was very upset: “Oh, how can a hen be able to grow a beard? How can a woman grow a beard? This thing violates the way of a sage!”

He proposed to the king: “Datang woman not long beard, as we set a rule to force a woman to be long the country’s long beard shaved off, how?”

The king strongly disagreed: “That’s how the line nearly half of people? lost long beard, I long to be this country can call it a long beard country? ”

no way, can not change, can only accept. Over time, scholars slowly felt that Princess Hongxia’s long beard became more pleasing to the eye, and even had an alternative charm.

The scholar lived and worked in peace and contentment. He lived in Changxu Country for twelve years and had two daughters and a son. His children all have long beards, and the two daughters, like Princess Hongxia, are proud of their long beards. Every morning, they apply rouge on their long beards.

One morning, the king suddenly became anxious, as if he had entered a soup pot, and churn and leaped for a while, and for a while, tears fell like rain. Suddenly, he fell to his knees in front of the reader, and begged him: “Bearded country profited catastrophe, only you can save us up to you to go underwater, to meet with the Dragon King, and begged him to let us!!!”

Scholar Shocked, he hurriedly agreed: “The monarch has spoken hard. For many years, I have been deeply favored by the country. As long as I can save the country, I will go through fire and water.” The

king immediately prepared a red boat and personally sent the scholar aboard. He: “When you meet the Sea Dragon King, you have to say: The seventh island of the third sea branch in the East China Sea is in trouble. Please raise your hand and let us go. Remember, it is the seventh island of the third sea branch in the East China Sea-we The country is small, so be sure to emphasize it again and again.”

After speaking, the king and his family cried and said goodbye to the scholar.

The scholar got on the boat and arrived at the Dragon Palace the next day. The Dragon Palace is gorgeous and solemn, and the ground is covered with gems and pearls. The scholar climbed the jade step step by step to meet the Sea Dragon King.

The Sea Dragon King said: “Envoy of the Great Tang, do you have any advice when you came to our Deep Sea Dragon Kingdom?”

“The third sea branch of the East China Sea, the seventh island, Changxu Country, is in trouble. Please let the Sea Dragon King let them go.” The

Sea Dragon King dispatched immediately. People search this country.

But, after searching for a long time, I couldn’t find it.

The scholar remembered the king’s sad look and tearful eyes, and once again pleaded with the Sea Dragon King: “It is the Changsu Kingdom on the seventh island of the third sea branch in the East China Sea. The Changsu Kingdom is a small country with few people, please let the Sea Dragon King let them go.” The

Sea Dragon King sent twelve people. Civil officials, let them conduct a thorough investigation.

After lunch, a civil official came back to report: “Under the 21st reef of the seventh island in the Third Sea of ​​the East China Sea, there is indeed a brood of lobsters. They should have become Lord Dragon’s ration tomorrow, and the chef has captured them all. Put it in the food trough and raise it.” The

Sea Dragon King couldn’t help laughing: “Emissary of the Tang Dynasty, you have been confused by the shrimp spirit . The Changxu Kingdom you are talking about is just a shrimp nest.” The

scholar thought of his wife and Children, tears can’t stop dripping down their feet.

The Sea Dragon King took pity on him, so he released all the lobsters, and sent two dragon palace envoys to escort the scholars back to Datang.

The scholar crossed the waves and returned to Dengzhou. He went ashore, shook off the seaweed and wave beads on his body, and looked back at the two messengers. They turned out to be two giant dragons.

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