New year gift

Guluyu and Bubblefish are good friends, and they give each other (zènɡ) gifts every New Year.

Of course, this year is no exception. This time, Guru Fish gave Bubble Fish a beautiful shell watch, and Bubble Fish gave Grub Fish a jellyfish-shaped hat.

Bubblefish likes the shell watch sent by Guluyu, and she happily wears it (dài) on her hand.

Guluyu didn’t like the jellyfish hat given by Bubblefish very much. He thought he looked a little silly wearing it, so he hid the jellyfish hat in the drawer (chōu ti) at home and sprinkled it on the bubblefish. Lie: “I accidentally lost my hat.”

“Don’t be sad, I’ll buy another one for you.” Bubble Fish comforted.

Guluyu wanted to persuade bubblefish not to buy it, but bubblefish couldn’t help but took the Guluyu and left.

They walked into a hat shop, hey, there are so many styles of hats for sale here! In addition to jellyfish hats, there are conch (luó) hats, coral (shān hú) hats, octopus hats, starfish hats, fish tail hats…

“This time you pick it yourself. I will buy which one you like and give it to you.” Bubble Fish said to Guru Fish.

“But I…I…” Guluyu blushed and didn’t know what to say.

“Oh, don’t dawdle, pick it quickly!” Bubblefish urged. Guluyu liked the conch cap, so Bubblefish bought it.

When he left the hat shop, Guluyu was very uncomfortable. He finally plucked up the courage to say to Bubblefish, “I’m sorry, Bubblefish! Actually, the jellyfish hat was not lost, I just didn’t like it very much, so I hid it. Get up.”

Unexpectedly, Bubble Fish was not surprised by Guru Fish’s words: “I knew you didn’t like that hat!”

“Oh? How did you know?” The grunt fish couldn’t help but froze (lènɡ).

“If you like that jellyfish hat, you won’t lose it!” Bubblefish said, “So I guess you must not like it, and then deliberately lost or hid it.”

“Then why are you taking me to buy this new hat?” Guluyu asked embarrassedly.

“Since you don’t like jellyfish hats, of course I have to buy another one you like.”

“But… what about that jellyfish hat?”

“It doesn’t matter, I can wear it myself.”

When they came to Guluyu’s house, Guluyu opened the drawer and took a look, but found that the jellyfish cap was missing. Guluyu asked her mother what was going on, and her mother told him that the naughty guy from the neighbor had just come to their house to play. He found a jellyfish cap in the drawer and liked it so much, so he wore it away. Guluyu was a little angry, he wanted to go to Taotaoyu to get his hat back, but was stopped by Bubblefish.

“No, give it to him.” Bubblefish said, “Taotaoyu is the real master of the jellyfish hat.”

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