Night courier

The express company in the forest is a bit unsatisfactory-the little kangaroo wants to give grandma a piece of cake for breakfast. When grandma gets it, it is night; the elephant wants to deliver a bunch of flowers to the dumb bear. I want her to receive it early in the morning, one day. They were all in a good mood, but when the pony courier arrived, it was already afternoon.

“It would be great if there was a night courier!” Faced with everyone’s dissatisfaction with the delivery of express delivery, the red fox boss of the express company thought. At this time, it was late, and the owl flew over in black. “Ah, Hei, would you like to be a courier?” the red fox asked loudly. “Yes! Yes!” Hei Hei is happy, she is worried that she has nothing to do. At night, everyone is asleep, and she doesn’t care about whoever she wants to play with.

“If you are an evening courier, you can deliver the gifts that customers request to receive in the morning to the door of the other party at night, okay?” the red fox said seriously. “Okay,” Hei said, “I can fly a long way at night! No problem as many trips as you send!”

“Ah!” As soon as the sky was light, Xiao Hua Duck opened the door and saw a beautiful box, which turned out to be the fragrant fruit delivered to her by the little hedgehog. “Yeah!” As the sun passed through the leaves, the little squirrel opened the window and found the vanilla bread delivered by Granny Mouse on the window sill…

With the courier Heihei, every morning in the forest, there are so many surprises!

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