Order a dragon with wings

The dragon in our story is actually a little dinosaur. He is only one year old, but in a week he will be two years old. Because the new year is coming soon.

Although the little dinosaur is only one year old, it is already two meters long.

That day, the little dinosaur was reading the picture album, and he saw a long dragon with horns on its head flying in the clouds. The little dinosaur asked his mother: “Mom, how can this dragon fly?”

“This is not a real dragon. This is a dragon in people’s imagination. You can only see it in the picture.”

“Are we real dragons?”

“Of course, our dinosaurs are a big family, and there are also flying dragons in our family, called pterosaurs, which are dragons with wings.”

“Then why don’t I have wings?”

“Because neither your father nor I have wings, neither my father nor my mother have wings.”

“Is that the reason?” the little dinosaur asked discouragedly.

“That’s why. You didn’t see Grandpa Long next door, that is the ninety-nine-year-old old dinosaur. He also wanted to fly to the sky to take a look, but he didn’t succeed after thinking about it for ninety-nine years. This is our family. Without wings.”

The little dinosaur felt very boring and went to watch TV alone.

He saw an advertisement on TV: “On a planet outside the earth, there is a company that specializes in custom-made wings for everyone. It allows everyone to plug in their wings and fly.”

The little dinosaur hurried to the computer, contacted the company on the alien planet, and ordered a pair of wings exclusively for dinosaurs. He also remitted the pocket money he had accumulated for a year.

The night before the arrival of the New Year, he received the wings he ordered, which was a pair of big and beautiful wings.

The little dinosaur was very happy, and he wanted to put wings on himself immediately.

The little dinosaur suddenly thought of Grandpa Long next door. Grandpa Long will be a hundred years old tomorrow. He wants to fly into the sky. After thinking about it for almost a hundred years, he should send his wings to Grandpa Long first. Thinking of this, the little dinosaur sent the pair of magical wings to Grandpa Long’s house. He also put a note on the wings: New Year’s gift from aliens to Grandpa Long.

On the first day of the new year, the little dinosaur got up very early.

He immediately opened the window to look at the sky.

Ah, the little dinosaur saw it, and saw Grandpa Long with wings on, flying high in the sky, happy like a child.

The little dinosaur’s eyes were wet, and he said excitedly:

“This is my first happy thing in the New Year!”

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