Our kite

The little rabbit battered a beautiful butterfly kite.

He came to the grass, ready to fly the kite into the sky.

A chubby hedgehog saw it, and he said, “Will the little rabbit let me fly a kite, okay? I have never fly a kite.”

The little rabbit said: “Okay.” He handed the kite to the little fat hedgehog.

The little fat hedgehog took the kite’s string and ran vigorously.

But the chubby hedgehog is too fat and his legs are short, so he can’t run fast. Accidentally, the little fat hedgehog fell down, and he said sadly: “I can’t run fast, I can’t fly a kite…”

The little rabbit said: “You can do it, I can help you.”

The little rabbit ran and ran with the kite, and the kite quickly rose.

The little bunny handed the string holding the kite to the little fat hedgehog and said: “Little fat hedgehog, let go, let go!”

The little fat hedgehog took the kite string, he stepped back step by step, slowly letting the string go, the butterfly kite flew higher and higher. The little fat hedgehog shouted loudly: “Ah, our kite is in the sky, and it is flying higher and higher…” Seeing that the little fat hedgehog is so happy, the little rabbit feels happier in his heart. He said: “Happy, so happy, our kite God…”

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