Magic show in the sky

Father Sun had already climbed the top of the mountain and shone into the yard before the sika deer got up. The sika deer made a birthday cake last night and did not rest until late. “It’s another good weather! Today is my birthday. I want to call my friends and come to my house for dinner.” Sika deer thought. “Sika deer, today is your birthday, we want … Continue reading

Little Potato Adventure

A long time ago, there was a small potato living in the vegetable market. It looked forward to leaving here every day to see the vast world. One day, a mischievous little boy accidentally bumped into the little potato, and the little potato rolled to the ground, and it yelled happily. It rolled, rolled to the side of the small river, and suddenly saw a small fish caught by a fi… Continue reading

Woodpecker’s choice

In the forest, woodpeckers treat the trees every day. After an interview with Woodpecker, the macaque reporter of “Forest Daily” published a report-“The Hard Work Forest Guardian”. After reading the newspaper, everyone admired Woodpecker very much and said he was a star in the forest. In the morning, the woodpecker went out to treat the tree, but was sto… Continue reading

Mushroom house

The little rabbit likes to look at the moon. In summer nights, little rabbits often lie on the grass, looking at the round or crooked moon. However, there will be a few days in a month without the moon, and the little rabbit will lie on the grass and watch the stars. On this day, the little rabbit lay on the grass again and watched the moon. Looking around, she fell asleep. Sud… Continue reading

Flaming maple

“Forest Daily” prepares a special edition of “Deeds of Advanced Characters”. The Qiufeng reporter set off. The autumn wind flew to the orchard first. Hongtongtong Guoguo said with a smile: “We just hit the front page of the daily newspaper. You should go find someone else.” The autumn wind flew to the vegetable field again. She wanted to writ… Continue reading

Lonely wind

There are many friends in the sky, such as clouds that turn into various shapes, rainbows that always like to bend over, the sun that blushes in the evening, stars that blink tens of thousands of times…Everyone gets along with each other friendly and often plays together. However, there is only a ray of wind that is very lonely. As long as it breathes in its mouth, it blo… Continue reading

The secret of the gray rabbit winning

兔村里生活着500多只兔子,它们以种植胡萝卜为生。 今年又是一个丰收年。为此,白兔村长和往年一样,把所有兔子召集来,开了一个喜气洋洋的庆祝大会。 大会接近尾声时,它们按照惯例(ɡuàn lì)进行了抽奖活动:奖品是每只兔子带去的一根胡萝卜,这些胡萝卜已经集中堆放在一起——谁中奖了,谁就可以带走所有的胡萝卜。 抽奖活动开始前,大家将写着各自名字的纸条依次投进了抽奖箱(xiānɡ)。 白兔村长是最后一个将纸条投进抽奖箱的。这次,它没有像以往那样在纸条上写下自己的名字,而是写上了灰兔的名字——灰兔因为生了一场大病,今年的收成大不如往年,而且它还要抚养两个未成年的孩子。虽然很多兔子表示要捐助灰兔,但都被它婉(wǎn)言谢绝(xiè jué)了。 白兔村长将纸条投入抽奖箱后,心里明白,即使它这样做了,灰兔中奖的概率依然很小。 激动人心的开奖时刻到了。白兔村长闭… Continue reading

Red cherry as a monster

There is a small red cherry on the ground. The little pig smelled and smelled the sweet scent of red cherries. “Let me take a bite!” Little Pig ran over and said. “The fool let you bite!” Red Cherry was unwilling, and hurriedly ran away. The piglet lowered his head and only chased after him, haha, the piglet did not see the way clearly, and fell into the… Continue reading

Tell your children these little stories

Story 1: The heart of a child A single woman had just moved. She found a poor family living next door, a widow and two children. One night, there was a sudden power failure in that area, and the woman had to light a candle by herself. After a while, I heard someone knock on the door. It turned out to be the child of the neighbor next door. He asked nervously, “Auntie, do … Continue reading