Paper butterfly

She is like a white cloud and a white flower.

There are some hollow patterns (lòu) on her wings (chǐ bǎng), when they hang down, they look like a white cloak. She was originally a piece of paper. Last night, under the lamp, she was cut into white paper butterflies (hú dié).

“What can I do?” Paper Butterfly asked, she didn’t know what she could do.

“You can fly.” A voice came from the windowsill, and she saw a black butterfly standing there.

“Fly? I’m just a paper butterfly.” She said timidly.

“That can also fly.” The black butterfly finished speaking and flew away.

The paper butterfly followed the black butterfly. She saw the black butterfly flying over the grass and the grass was shaking.

She also hurriedly flew across the grass.

“Thank you, the big white butterfly, you brought me a gust of wind.” The pú male delion seed flew up.

“Please call me a paper butterfly.” When the paper butterfly said this, she was a little surprised. It turned out that even a paper butterfly, as long as it flies, there will be wind.

“Thank you, paper butterfly.” Alfalfa (mù xu) grass seeds also flew up.

“Thank you, paper butterfly.” The wild oat seeds also flew up.

They saw a white paper butterfly. When she flew by, its wings were so white, shining brightly in the sun.

She flew happily. Where she flies, the grass is dancing (wǔ dǎo) and the flowers are nodding. How beautiful the world is.

She flew to a tree, “huhuhu—huhuhu—”

As if someone was directing the tree, the branches fell in the same direction. The fruit fell on the ground, and the yellow leaves flew up.

She flew over a river, ”

huhuhu—huhuhu— ” The calm river surface was rippled (lián yì), and vortices (xuán wō) rippling (dàng yàng), spreading, and bouncing in the whirlpool. Cheerful little fish.

She flew joyfully. She is like a white cloud and a white flower.

“Huhuhu—huhuhu—” She flew far, from the riverside to the mountain.

The paper butterfly is still flying, flying with the wind. The more you fly, the greater the wind. “Foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-yi”

She flew into a dark cave. This was originally a very quiet and quiet cave. A group of quiet black bats (biān fú) lived in the cave. They were hanging upside down in the cave.

The paper butterfly came, and the wind whistling (hù xiào) she brought past, the bats flapped their wings and flew out of the cave.

“We also want to fly, fly, fly—” said the bats.

On the other side of the cave is a piece of sea. The wind brought by the paper butterfly passed through the cave to the sea. “Huh—” The wind became huge, the sea surged with layers of waves, and the sea boiled.

In the distance, a large ship slowly raised its white sails, so white, as white as the wings of a paper butterfly.

A black butterfly was standing on the reef, and he said, “It’s nice that you are flying here.”

Yes, it is nice. They are standing on the reef (jiāo) rock, watching the sea, the ship and the white sails. Then she felt tired and fell asleep on the reef.

The next day, the paper butterfly woke up. She slapped her wings, and this time, she flew so lightly without wind. She was calm, as if dancing, like all butterflies.

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