Paper villain

The paper villain is an ordinary paper villain. After he was folded into a paper villain by a little boy, he discarded it casually.

The little paper man is a very white and shiny 32-cut piece of paper. At that moment, he was dreaming and felt as if he was being twisted and twisted by a pair of rough hands, and finally twisted into what it is now.

All the dreams of the paper villain have been shattered.

The paper villain wanted to cry, but there was not a single tear. The little boy grumbled the nasty paper man and threw him out of the window.

The paper villain was very sad. He originally wanted to cry happily after falling on the ground.

By coincidence, there was a gust of wind blowing, and the paper villain was blown into the air, and finally fell among the branches of a big tree.

The paper villain was desperate, he couldn’t move his body a bit. Looking down, it makes people dizzy, and the paper villain can’t even look down.

The old tree suddenly spoke: Hey, paper boy, don’t be sad, shall we have a chat?

The paper villain said: You, you are a tree, right?

The old tree is happy: It doesn’t look like it, isn’t it? It’s a bit ugly, not beautiful at all.

The paper villain said: In my imagination, you are not like this.

The old tree said: Yes, my leaves haven’t budged yet. At that time, you will see again.

The old tree told the little paper man that he was thinking about the most beautiful thing in the world at this moment, because the leaves were about to come out. He must dream about what the most beautiful leaves look like, so that the leaves that will grow in the future will be greener and more playful.

That’s great. The paper villain was full of joy.

The paper villain dare not disturb the old tree, the old tree is dreaming. The little paper man thought: Where is my dream?

Guess, what dream did the little paper man send?

The paper villain has been thinking about the most beautiful and interesting things in the world. He dreamed that he was walking lightly on the lawn, with his feet on the stamens. Hey, his body is light, and it won’t hurt those flowers, grass, or anything at all.

When the paper villain was dreaming of flowers and grass, he looked at them one by one. When they wake up, they will say in surprise: Ah, the paper villain has been here, these dewdrops are the teardrops of the paper villain.

Suddenly, the paper villain heard the sound of “ping pong”. What’s the matter?

The old tree stretched out, yawned, met, and was so comfortable.

The paper villain asked: What is it ringing, it sounds beautiful like music.

The old tree took a sly look at it happily, and the tiny leaves began to sprout, and that was their sound.

Isn’t it? A little bit of green, a little yellow, a little purple, and a little stretch out. Ah, it’s really Ye Zi, the paper villain clapped his hands excitedly.

The leaves became rounded day by day, and the paper villain stayed on the tree for a long time.

The old tree said: Paper villain, Nuo, that is the garden and lawn of your dreams, don’t hurry to go.

The paper villain said moved: Yes, yes, I am about to leave.

The old tree said: Before the rain doll comes, you should leave. Yuwa, this little guy, you better not run into it. It likes to play pranks, make the road wet, or get you a cold, and it’s happy to see you sneezing embarrassed.

The paper villain said: Okay, then say goodbye.

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