Piggy on a chubby picnic

The weather is really warm, and the piggy is chubby and happily going on a picnic.

Chatting, the bird smelled the scent and flew up. The piggy throws a big loaf of bread to the little bird.

thump! thump! The squirrel smelled the scent and jumped up. Piggy throws a big apple to the little squirrel.

Huh! Huh! The little monkey rushed to smell the fragrance. Piggy Chubby handed the little monkey a drink.

Ha ha! Ha ha! The cloud smelled the fragrance and floated.

Oops, what should I do if the clouds are so high?

Ha ha! There is a way! Just ask the balloon for a favor.

There is not much left, but the piglet ate happily.

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