Pocket Bear Catching Clouds

The weather is great! The pokemon was lying on the green grass, basking in the sun and staring in a daze. It’s snowy and white in the sky, floating around, how cute! Suddenly the Pokemon has an idea, and he rushes home excitedly to find a net bag for catching butterflies.

Pokemon stretched his arms hard, but he couldn’t reach the clouds! Pokemon is standing on the chair, hey, this time, right? Well, it still doesn’t work!

Huh! Huh! The pokemon started to climb the tree, and finally climbed to the top of the tree, eh! Those clouds are still far away.

A few wild geese passed by and asked strangely: “Pocket Bear, what are you doing?”

“I want to catch the clouds!” said Pokemon.

The wild goose laughed and said, “Look how hard you are, let’s help you!”

A wild goose picked up the pocket bear and flew into the sky “wow”, and soon flew to the side of the cloud.

Pokemon takes the net bag to catch the cloud. However, these clouds are so naughty, as soon as the pokemon’s net bag touched them, they avoided.

“What should I do?” Pokemon touched his head, “That’s right!” He took out a jar of honey from the big pocket on his chest, “Everyone likes honey, and Yun must like it too.”

That’s right! The sticky honey instantly stuck a big white cloud, and the Pokemon happily put the cloud into his big pocket before returning to the ground.

“Thank you!” Pokemon said to the geese, “I have a gift for you in a few days, remember to come and get it.”

A few days later, the geese really came, wow, the little animals in the forest came too. Poke Bear’s house is lively and lively, like a party. Pokemon smiled and took out big fluffy pillows and a warm thick quilt from his magical big pocket…

It turned out that these were all made with the cloud. Everyone has a share!

With these cloud-made pillows and quilts, every little animal’s dream is sweet at night.

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