Polite little white rabbit

The little white rabbit went to the mountain to pick mushrooms. He walked many, many roads and picked many mushrooms. When he picked up a basket full of mushrooms to go home, he found that he couldn’t find his way home.

Not far away, the mother goat was grazing with the lamb. The little white rabbit ran forward and bowed: “Hello, Mother Goat! I’m lost, and my family lives on Dongshan Slope. Can you tell me how to get there?”

The mother goat smiled and pointed with her hand: “Go straight on from the path on the right, cross a small river, and you will reach it by turning over a mountain.”

“Thank you, mother goat!” The little white rabbit bowed again, beckoned to her, and left.

The mother goat said to the lamb: “Little white rabbit knows how to be polite, you should learn from him!”

The little white rabbit walked to the river and found that there was no bridge. He saw a big turtle swimming towards the shore, he bowed to the big turtle and asked, “Hello, father-in-law tortoise, may I ask where there is a bridge on the river? ?”

The big tortoise shook his head and said, “There is no bridge near here.” Seeing the little white rabbit’s face, the big tortoise continued: “Well, stand on my back and I will carry you across the river.”

The little white rabbit said happily: “Thank you, father-in-law tortoise!” After landing, the little white rabbit bowed to the tortoise again and said, “Thank you, father-in-law tortoise, goodbye!”

Looking at the little white rabbit, the big tortoise said happily: “Children who know how to be polite.”

The little white rabbit hopped forward, and suddenly it rained heavily. Seeing a hut at the foot of the mountain, the little white rabbit ran towards the hut.

The door of the hut was open. Little White Rabbit knew that it would be impolite to break into someone’s house without the owner’s permission. So he knocked on the door a few times, then bowed to the house, and said loudly, “Respected master, can you let me go in and hide from the rain?”

There lived a lame old wolf. He hadn’t eaten meat for several days. He was hungry. He suddenly heard the voice of the white rabbit and hurriedly replied, “Come in, I’m waiting. !”

Hearing the voice of the old wolf, the little white rabbit was taken aback, turned and ran away.

The old wolf couldn’t chase the little white rabbit because of her lame leg. She drooled, still shrinking in the house and starving.

As for the little white rabbit, he returned home smoothly and returned to his mother safely.

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