Poor boy in the grave

In the past, a poor sheep-herding baby lost his parents. The government placed him in a rich man’s house, and the rich man provided him with food and raised him as an adult. But this rich man and his woman are both bad-hearted and greedy, and always hold onto their wealth. Anyone who eats a small piece of their bread will make them furious. No matter what the poor boy did, he always got very little food, but on the contrary he was beaten a lot.

One day, he was sent to look after a hen and a group of cubs. But the hen escaped from the hedge with the chick, when an eagle suddenly swooped down and lifted the hen into the air. The boy tried his best to shout: “Thief! Thief! Hooligan!” But what’s the use? The eagle can’t spit out something in its mouth. The rich man rushed over when he heard the sound and found that the hen was missing. He was very angry and beat the boy so fiercely that he could not move for two days. Next, the boy has to take care of these little chickens without mothers, which is of course more difficult. Because the chicks always run one east and one west. As a result, he was clever and tied all the chickens together with a rope so that the eagle would not take any one away. But he was really wrong in doing so. During those two days, he ran around, tired and hungry, so he fell asleep quickly. The eagle came again, took away a group of chicks, and then stopped on the tree, devouring the chicks. The rich man just rushed home, and when he understood the disaster that had happened, he was so angry that he beat the boy mercilessly, so that the boy had to lie in bed and couldn’t move for several days.

When he was able to walk again, the rich man said to him: “You useless thing, I can’t make you a shepherd. Go and run errands for me.” So he asked the boy to send a basket to the judge. Grape brings another letter. Along the way, the boy was hungry and thirsty, very uncomfortable, so he ate two bunches of grapes secretly. He took the basket to the judge. After reading the letter, the judge counted the grapes and said, “Two bunches are missing.” The boy honestly confessed to the judge that he had eaten the two bunches of grapes because of hunger and thirst. The judge sent a letter to the rich and asked for the same number of grapes. This time, the boy sent the grapes together with a letter. Because he was so hungry and thirsty, he couldn’t help but ate two more bunches of grapes. But this time he first took the letter out of the basket, put it under a rock, and then sat on the rock, thinking that the letter would not see him eating grapes and would not betray him. However, the judge once again asked him to explain what happened to the two missing bunches of grapes. “Ah!” the boy said in surprise, “how do you know? That letter could not know this, because I put him under the rock before eating grapes.” The boy was so innocent, the judge couldn’t help laughing. Later, he took a letter to the rich man, asking him to treat the child well, not to lack his food, and to teach him to distinguish right from wrong.

“I will teach you right and wrong soon,” said the cruel man. “If you want to eat, you have to work. If anything goes wrong, I will use a stick to teach you a good lesson.” The

next day, the rich man gave the boy. A difficult task asked him to chop up two bundles of dry straw to make horse feed. The rich man threatened him and said: “I will be back after five o’clock. If you don’t cut it well by that time, I will beat you down.” The rich man took his woman and maid to catch the annual Went to the rally, leaving only a small piece of bread for the boy. The boy sat on the bench and began to work desperately. When he got hot, he took off his coat and threw it on the straw. Fearing that it could not be completed in time, I didn’t dare to neglect for a moment, and I didn’t notice in a hurry, so I cut the little gown together with the straw. By the time he realized this terrible thing, it was too late. The gown can no longer be repaired. “Hey!” “he cried,” I’m done with everything. The wicked man doesn’t just scare and scare me. If he comes back and sees it, he will take care of me. I might as well cut everything by myself. ”

The boy once heard the rich woman say: “There is a pot of poison under my bed.” She said that just to frighten the greedy people. In fact, it was filled with honey. The boy crawled under the bed, took out the jar, and drank all the honey in it. “I really don’t understand,” he said. “People often say that death is painful, but I tasted sweet. No wonder the women of the rich peasants always want to die!” After speaking, he sat on a chair and waited for death. . But instead of becoming weaker and weaker, on the contrary, he became stronger because of the nourishing food. “This can’t be poison,” he thought. “But the rich man once said that he has a bottle of mosquito-killing poison. It must be the real poison. If you eat it, you will definitely die.” But these are not exterminations. The poison of flying insects, but Hungarian wine. The boy picked up the bottle of wine and drank it, thinking that he was almost dead now. “I think I’m going to die!” he said. “It’s better to go to the church cemetery first and find a grave there.” He stumbled to the church cemetery, found a newly dug grave and lay down, slowly I felt unconscious. There was a wedding in a hotel nearby, and the voice came over. He thought he had reached heaven, and soon he lost consciousness completely. The poor child never woke up again, the hot wine and the cold dew in the evening took his life, and he has been lying in the grave ever since.

When the rich learned that the boy had died, they were very scared and worried about being taken to court. He was so depressed, distress always plagued him, and soon passed out. His woman was standing by the stove, refining a pot of oil, and ran to rescue him, but the fire leaked into the pot, the whole house was on fire, and it was turned to ashes in an instant. In their later days, they have been living in poverty and pain, and they are always condemned by their conscience.

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