Pretty little snowflakes

In spring, all kinds of flowers bloom on both sides of the river, and when the wind blows, the flowers bloom in the wind. There is a dreamy little drop of water in the river. I really envy these beautiful flowers!

“Oh! It would be great if I could become a beautiful flower anytime!” The little water drop couldn’t help sighing.

Aunt Feng just passed by the small river and heard the sigh of the little water drop. She said: “Little water drop, don’t sigh, you can become a beautiful flower in winter.”

So, the little water drop started. Wait patiently for the arrival of winter.

Spring has finally passed, and summer has come. Many bare-ass little guys jump into the creek to take a bath every day, turning the always quiet creek upside down. The little water drop was afraid of being taken to the shore by these little guys, being in the sun, or being crushed by these little guys, the little water drop quietly hiding in a rock crevice.

Summer is finally over, autumn is here, and the sky is gradually getting colder, and no one comes to the river to make trouble, and the little drops of water quietly return to the middle of the river. Xiao Shuzhu found that many familiar friends had disappeared, so many strange faces! Xiao Shuzhu felt sad and fortunate. It poked out its head quietly.

Yeah! The grass on both sides of the river is withered. Is winter coming? The little drops of water happily grabbed a leaf floating on the water and swung on the swing. Ye Zi was already very annoyed, and when she shook her head, she threw the small drops of water into the air.

Auntie Feng happened to pass over the small river again, and she hurriedly reached out and caught the small drops of water.

“Little water drop, do you still want to become a beautiful flower?” Aunt Feng said angrily.

“Of course, of course I want to become a beautiful flower. I’m still waiting for the winter!” Xiao Zhuo blinked her eyes mischievously.

“Don’t be naughty, if you leave the river, you will become invisible.” Aunt Feng said sternly, approaching the river surface and gently putting small drops of water into the river.

The little water drop was so nervous, she trembled with fright. If it wasn’t for Auntie Feng to save herself in time, maybe she would be like those friends before, but now she doesn’t exist anymore.

The little drops of water sank under the creek, patiently waiting for the arrival of winter.

Wait and wait, time flies so slowly? How long will winter come? The little drops of water became impatient again. Suddenly, it heard the familiar voice of Aunt Feng on the quiet river.

“Who wants to become a beautiful flower, come with me.”

“Hey! Aunt Feng is here.” The small drops of water jumped onto the river immediately and squeezed to the front of the crowd. Aunt Feng saw the small drops at a glance.

“Little water drop, come on. Winter is here, Aunt Feng will help you realize your dream, and you will soon become a beautiful flower.” Then, Aunt Feng held the little water drop in her arms. , Brought some water drops that wanted to change into flowers, and flew lightly, flying and flying, flying and flying, flying higher and higher. After a while, he flew to the top of the highest mountain.

Aunt Feng stood on the top of the high mountain, the drops of water in her arms trembling with cold. Water Pearl, your dream is about to come true, but before you become a beautiful flower, you have to go through a painful transformation. You will be thrown down by me from here, and you will keep sinking. When it sinks, you will slowly become beautiful snowflakes. However, this process is very painful. Those who can bear the pain can become beautiful snowflakes, and those who cannot bear the pain, I will take you back.

She timidly hurriedly drilled into Aunt Feng’s arms, and the little drop of water bravely said: “I’m not afraid!” Xiao Shuzhu felt that she had been abandoned by Aunt Feng all at once, and she felt so sad that she felt so sad that she wanted to vomit. Thinking of what Aunt Feng said, and remembering what she had just said, she was not afraid, Xiao Shuzhu closed her eyes tightly, gritted her teeth, and endured the pain of falling apart. After a while, the little water drop didn’t feel pain anymore, and became light and light. It opened its eyes and took a look, ah! There are so many beautiful hexagonal petals in the sky.

“Hi! Little drops of water, we have finally become beautiful snowflakes. You are so beautiful!” A beautiful snowflake beside her greeted the little drops of snowflakes.

“I have finally become a flower, still a beautiful hexagonal snowflake.” Little Waterdrop is so happy!

Little snowflakes fluttered and floated to the window of a little boy. In the morning, the little boy saw the beautiful snowflakes on the windowpanes, and he happily cried out: “Mom, Mom, it’s snowing, you see, there is a beautiful little snowflake on my window.”

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