Proud kite

One day, Xiaojun came to fly a kite on the lawn, and the kite rose into the sky with the wind. The two little birds looked at them and said, “Oh, let’s see how high the kite flies!”

The kite became proud of it, and said to the little bird: “Let’s compare and see who can fly high?”

The little bird said: “Okay.”

The bird flew hard, and it flew higher than a kite.

The kite thought: If it were not for the rope to tie me, I would definitely fly higher than the bird. The kite struck hard and the rope broke. At this moment, a gust of wind blew by, and the kite suddenly flew higher than the bird. At this time, how proud it is!

However, when the wind stopped, the kite fell straight and plunged into the pond, and it cried sadly.

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