Pumpkin with a bow

Every year on Halloween, the pumpkin street is full of excitement, and pumpkin lanterns with various expressions of joy, anger, sorrow, and joy fill the windows of all shops. As in previous years, Mr. Wei’s pumpkin lanterns are still the best sellers this year.

Mr. Wei tied a beautiful bow on all the pumpkin stems with red ribbons. The red bows set off the golden pumpkins. Coupled with a strange ghost face, they are more attractive than the most exquisite crafts. After Little Witch Barbra bought a pumpkin lantern here, she did not rush to leave. Taking advantage of Mr. Wei’s attention, she painted one of the unlucky pumpkins with two twist-like eyebrows and another unlucky pumpkin. Shaking his beard and shaking his wand again made the most unlucky pumpkin grow a blood-red tongue, then stepped onto the flying broomstick and ran away happily.

The wind over the city was so strong that it blew the streamer on the red bow. Pull the hair tousled by the wind. She wanted a red bow like this for a long time, it must be very beautiful in her hair. But it is a pity that Mr. Wei is not allowed to take off the bow.

Why do you have to listen to him? Haha, Babra grinned, and stretched out his hand to wrap the bright red silk around her fingers. Unexpectedly, the jack-o’-lantern without the bow yelled: “Wow! I’m free!”

Then I saw it jump off the broom, and a forward somersault and a twist three hundred and sixty degrees fell towards the farm below.

“Oh my God–” Babula was shocked. As soon as he loosened his hand, the red ribbon flew away. But Babula cared more about the pumpkin. “That’s the pumpkin I bought for a gold coin.” The lamp! Don’t break it!” Barbra turned the direction of the broom and flew towards the farm below.

Babra’s scruples were superfluous. The pumpkin fell into the grass of the chicken coop without even touching a piece of skin. But it shocked Aunt Feili who was feeding the chicken.

“Wow! A lot of chickens-I wish I have a good appetite, mother.” Pumpkin gave Aunt Feili a kiss with a hard mouth, then opened her red mouth and swallowed the fire nearest to it. Chicken.

“Ah—” Aunt Feili threw the chicken food bowl, rushed out of the chicken coop, and bumped into Babula who had just landed from the sky.

Aunt Feili pointed to the chicken coop tremblingly: “It’s horrible, a pumpkin ate my turkey.”

Barbra ran into the chicken coop and saw the pumpkin swallow the last turkey.

Aunt Feili, who followed Babula, said sadly: “I plan to turn them into roast turkey, but now…”

“Puff” the pumpkin lantern shook his head and spit a steaming roast turkey in front of Aunt Feili. Looking at the chicken coop again, there are deliciously roasted turkeys everywhere.

Aunt Feili tore a small strip of roasted turkey and put it in her mouth: “It’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a hint of pumpkin flavor. It’s so delicious. Everyone will sell it out.”

At this time, another man broke into the chicken coop panting. It was Mr. Wei with a red ribbon in his hand.

Mr. Wei blamed Barbra, “The red ribbon is the seal of the jack-o-lantern. Without the bow, the jack-o-lantern will be out of control.”

“Why do you have to control it? I think it’s good like this, and it can also make roast turkey.” Babula waved against the pumpkin lantern, “Come home with me, I’ll ask you to eat walnuts.”

“Great, I haven’t eaten walnuts yet!” The pumpkin lantern jumped on Barbra’s broomstick.

Jack-o-lantern is very happy, Barra can put himself in this important position in the middle of the table. While eating walnut shells, he spit out walnut kernels to everyone, and from time to time he told a funny joke.

Mom and Dad like this pumpkin lantern with a sense of humor and personality very much. It made the Babula family a unique Halloween.

Wouldn’t it be better if every house had such a pumpkin lantern? I should pull all the bows off secretly, Babra planned. I don’t know if Mr. Wei at this time knows Barbra’s plan, what color will his face be angry?

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