Qiaoyun City Brick

Jiayuguan City, the city wall is 9 meters high, and dozens of pavilions of different sizes and numerous stacking walls have to be built on the city wall. The amount of bricks used is amazing. At that time, the construction conditions were very poor and there was no lifting equipment. It is all handled manually. At that time, all the bricks used in Xiuguan City were fired 20 kilometers away. After the bricks are burnt, they are pulled under the Guancheng with an ox cart, and then they are lifted manually. Due to the height of the city, the only horse track that can go up and down has a steep slope, making it difficult to get up and down. Although many people were sent to carry bricks on the walls, all of them were exhausted, but the supply of bricks on their backs was still in short supply, and the progress of the project was seriously affected. One day, a kid who was herding sheep came here to play with the sheep. Seeing this scene, he had an idea and came up with a good idea. He transported a batch of bricks to the city wall without much effort. People were surprised and delighted when they saw it, and they followed suit, and a large number of bricks were quickly transported onto the city wall.

So, how did the sheep-herding children easily transport the bricks to the city wall?

Answer: The sheep-herd kid took off his belt, tied a brick on each end, and put it on the goat. Then, he patted the back of the goat with his hand. The lightweight goat trot on the brick and climbed up the city wall.

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