Rabbit in a picture book

Ling Min’er has a children’s picture book with a little rabbit on one page.

The little bunny is named Ah Tiao, and he is just a small character in the picture book. But he dreams of becoming the protagonist and the idol in the hearts of young readers…

“Just you still want to be the protagonist? Stop dreaming!” The other little animals in the picture book laughed at Ah Tiao, “Being the protagonist is not so easy! If anyone wants to be the protagonist, we are already the protagonist. Is it your turn?”

“But you haven’t tried it again, how do you know that it won’t work?” Ah Tiao retorted unconvinced.

Ah Tiao knows that only the author of a picture book can change his destiny. But he doesn’t know where the author lives.

One day, seeing Ling Min’er searching for something on the Internet, Ah Tiao had an idea: Can’t you find everything on the Internet?

So he left the picture book and came to the computer desk.

“Ling Min’er, can you help me?” A Tiao cried out to Ling Min’er.

Seeing the rabbit in the picture book appeared on the computer desk and could talk, Ling Min’er was shocked.

But Ling Min’er was enthusiastic, and when he listened to Ah Tiao’s dream, he immediately agreed to help Ah Tiao.

After a while, Ling Miner found the author’s address on the Internet. Ah Tiao was so happy that he decided to go to the author immediately.

“The author’s home is so far away, so when are you going to find him like this?” Ling Min’er reminded.

“As long as I can realize my dream, I’m not afraid of the distance!” Ah Tiao said firmly.

“You’re great!” Ling Min’er admired Ah Tiao, “By the way, I have a great idea!”

Ling Min’er found an envelope and a piece of letter paper. He asked Ah Tiao to jump onto the letter paper. He wanted to send Ah Tiao as a letter to the author.

After all, it was a drawn rabbit. As soon as it arrived on the letter, Ah Tiao merged with the letter paper, as if it were originally printed on it.

Ling Min’er carefully folded this letter paper, put it in an envelope, filled in the address, and then took it to the post office and sent it out.

Many days passed, but the letter did not arrive at the destination for a long time. Ah Tiao was a little impatient when he waited, and he came out along a small gap (xì) in the envelope.

Hey, he is on a lively street!

what happened? Ah Tiao wondered, oh, the careless postman must have lost him on the way.

“This kind of thing happened…” Ah Tiao mumbled dissatisfiedly, “Ah, it seems that I can only rely on myself.”

After confirmation, he found that he was already in the author’s city. He left the envelope and searched for it by the address.

After nearly a day, Ah Tiao finally found the author’s home.

Because the door was closed, Ah Tiao could only get in through the crack of the door. Unexpectedly, the room was empty and there was nothing.

Ah Tiao thought he had found the wrong place, so he ran out to check the house number. That’s right, this is the author’s home!

“Ah, the author must have moved! What Ling Miner found on the Internet is his old address!” Ah Tiao said with a slap on his head.

Ah Tiao felt a little discouraged (něi) and frustrated. He sighed and suddenly wondered if his decision to run to the author was right…

“No, how can I doubt my determination and belief?” Ah Tiao reminded himself, “For my dream, no matter where the author moves his house, I will find him!”

So Ah Tiao began to look for the author in this city-a few days later, he never found anything.

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