Rabbit please babysitter

Rabbit Milo lives alone in a small wooden house. This is a very beautiful small wooden house, crescent-shaped house, crescent-shaped door, crescent-shaped windows, curtains made of green vines, filling the room with the breath of life.

Milo stayed in the room, saw that the floor was dirty, the clothes hanging on the hangers were dirty, and his stomach was groaning with hunger.

“I don’t want to personally wipe the floor, wash clothes and cook, that’s what a tiring thing.” Milo said to herself.

Milo was about to hire a nanny.

Who is the best babysitter to hire? If you want to mop the floor, do the laundry, and cook, you have to work hard and do things quickly. In the forest nanny coin field, Milo invited the Jim Bear with glasses back home.

Jim Bear had a lot of strength, it mopped the floor so loudly, and the sound was loud, so that Milo hurriedly hid in the hammock next to the window.

Jim Bear was so hot that he wet his lenses with sweat, and he didn’t have time to wipe it.

“Ouch-” Jim Bear waved his mop and lifted Milo out of the hammock out of the window.

“What is it? It’s blocking me from mopping the floor!” Jim shouted loudly, “Miro, come and take a look. Get this guy out. It’s preventing me from doing work.”

Outside the window, Milo got up from the ground, touched her sore butt, and said, “Good fellow, I’ve been kicked out of the house by you!”

Milo fired Jim Bear.

Milo summed up the lessons of the last time and dared not hire a strong babysitter anymore. It looked and looked at the forest nanny market, selected and selected, and finally invited Miss Mouse home with a light gait.

“Hey, take these forest coins, go buy some food and prepare dinner.” Miluo said.

Miss Mouse was very quick in her movements, and soon put a sumptuous dinner on the table, waking up Milo who was sleeping on the hammock.

Miss Mouse picked up a carrot and handed it to Milo, “This is a delicious carrot I made.”

Seeing the delicious carrots, Miluo was very happy. He bit down and only heard a “cock”. Miluo’s tooth was knocked out.

“What kind of carrot is this? It’s so hard!” Milo was angry.

Miss Mouse quickly said: “I… I burned the ribs… like carrots…”

“You know eating meat!” Milo screamed, “I want to eat vegetables and carrots!”

Miss Mouse apologized and said, “I’ll prepare vegetables and radishes right away, and make sure that I will have vegetables and radishes for every meal in the future.”

Seeing the clever and cute Miss Mouse, Milo couldn’t bear to drive it away, so she let it stay.

At night, in her sleep, Milo always heard the sound of “chacha, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop,” and it kept ringing until dawn.

Early in the morning, the sun shone into Milo’s room from all corners of the cabin.

“Ah, why is there sunshine everywhere?” Milo felt strange, “I only opened one window!”

It turned out that Miss Mouse grinds her teeth all night and grinds out countless small holes in Milo’s cabin, and the mischievous sunlight got in through these small holes.

“You gnawed my cabin last night. Tonight, you should gnaw my hammock.” Milo was very angry, and it fired Miss Mouse.

Milo hurried to the house repair company to find a capable master to repair its cabin.

Will Milo still hire a nanny? This time, who will it hire?

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