Rabbit Po

In the evening, the lights came on in the big house. The animals saw people walking around in the house, heard the clinking noises from the kitchen, and smelled the smell of burning walnuts floating in the air… This long-silent big house finally came back to life NS.

“This scene is really pleasing!” Father Rabbit said happily.

“Don’t be too careless, it’s better to be careful!” Mother Rabbit replied worryingly in the kitchen.

Father Rabbit listened and winked at little George with a smile.

After dinner, little George said: “Mom, I’ll go out and play for a while.”

“Don’t go to the new house, let’s observe more!” Mother Rabbit warned. However, little George did not listen to his mother. He quietly approached the big house and looked inside curiously.

Chapter 6 Little George has an accident.

As the weather gets warmer, the day gets longer and longer, and the mood of the little animals rises day by day. They are very concerned about the vegetable plot of the new family, watching the rows of green vegetables, every day they are happy from ear to ear. Especially Pokey the groundhog, he looked at the lush buckwheat field in front of the door and sometimes laughed involuntarily.

Father Rabbit hopes to eat the blue grass that he hasn’t eaten for a long time as soon as possible. Therefore, every night, he will check the growth of the blue grass, and he is more concerned than the newcomer.

Bluegrass grows slowly. It is estimated that the output this year will not be too much, but it will be different next summer. More and more bluegrass will surely grow. Thinking of this, Father Rabbit is very pleased.

Not only the vegetables-eating animals are happy, but also the weasel Dafei and the gray fox, who love to eat meat. Because the new couple raised a lot of chicks, countless chicks ran around in the chicken farm, chattering non-stop. Every evening at dusk, Da Fei and the gray fox would observe with relish outside the chicken farm.

However, Da Fei is not very interested in these live chickens, because the hostess of this family is very generous, and Da Fei is satisfied with the garbage that appears in the trash can every day. Da Fei advised the gray fox: “Don’t always stare at these live chickens. I tell you, their trash is amazing!”

“How is it possible? Where can the trash have fresh live chickens that are delicious!” Gray fox Dismissively.

“You wait, I’ll bring you something delicious tonight.” After that, Da Fei left. When he met the gray fox again, he brought the fried chicken wings made by the hostess.

“Try it!” Da Fei handed the chicken wings to the gray fox.

The gray fox reluctantly said, “What’s so delicious about this thing?” But seeing Dafei’s enthusiastic face, he was really embarrassed to refuse, so he had to take it over and taste it. After eating, the gray fox was overwhelmed by the taste: “Unexpectedly, it’s really delicious!” Since that day, he often went through the trash can with Da Fei at night.

The little animals will patrol the vegetable field every day to welcome the upcoming night of food sharing. On the night of food sharing, they will hold a major meeting to determine what food they can get from the vegetable field. The little animals are fully prepared for this. They write down the food they hope to get according to the number of family members and the difference in taste.

On the night of the eclipse, the moon was exceptionally bright. All the small animals of Rabbit Po gathered together and put forward their own food sharing requirements.

Since Da Fei and Grey Fox are not vegetarian, they will be the referees. In the past, people always had a lot of arguments when sharing food, but this year is very different because the new family has a large vegetable field and the food is very abundant.

However, this time there was an unprecedented problem: Field Mouse Willie and his relatives were very grateful to the new family for saving Willie from the rain bucket, so they proposed to leave a small part of the vegetable plot to the new family. .

Mother Rabbit agrees very much, because she is satisfied with the lane signs made by the newcomer and thinks that a copy should be reserved for the newcomer.

“No, humans have always disrespected us, and they should try their luck just like us, and eat as many vegetables as there are in the ground.” The groundhog Boqi objected. His statement was approved by most small animals. The minority obeyed the majority, so Willy’s proposal was rejected.

Regarding Uncle Anadas’s food sharing requirements, some small animals also have opinions. After all, Uncle Anadas is not a resident of Rabbit Poe. However, because the rabbit father is a highly respected figure rabbit Pode, and Uncle Anadas is a guest of their house, the little animals did not publicly object, but they still muttered gossip.

Towards the end of the conference, Father Rabbit made a final concluding speech: “We are very lucky to be neighbors with such a kind and kind new family. For many years, we have been looking forward to the rich food in this vegetable field. Now I finally got what I wanted. I hope everyone strictly abides by Rabbit Po’s rules and regulations. Each of our shares is for personal and family use only. If someone tries to encroach on other people’s food, he will be expelled from Rabbit Po. If it’s new People pick too many vegetables in a certain field, and the Rabbit Slope Relief Committee will allocate additional land as compensation.”

Father Rabbit stopped for a while, then continued: “The most important point is that everyone must not advance in advance. Picking vegetables. Only when they are mature, we can get enough food. I don’t want to see anyone being driven out of the rabbit slope for breaking the rules. Also, this ban is not only for animals that eat vegetarian food, but also for the ash. Fox, I hope you will pay attention too.”

“Don’t worry, we have more delicious food now. Grey fox, I will take you to eat fried chicken. Everyone, end the meeting!” Weasel shouted sharply.

The animals rushed away. On the way home, everyone was very happy, and the young animals sang songs. Although there is still a long time before the fruits and vegetables are harvested, looking at this green cropland, they all know that there will be a bumper harvest this year, so everyone’s heart is full of expectations.

In order to survive the tough winter, every household in Rabbit Po must make preparations in advance, such as hoarding things and pickling food, all of which require large enough storage space. To this end, Uncle Anadas took the initiative to ask Ying to help Mother Rabbit dig a new storage room.

That night, little George went to the crossroads and went to the store run by the fat man to get things, while Mother Rabbit was at home, planning the food to store. Everything is in order. But at this moment, a terrible loud noise broke through the silence.

The sharp car brakes and the harsh tire slipping sound scared the nearby animals. After being quiet for a while, there was another rage on the road, followed by the sound of the engine starting—the car was leaving with the roar.

“Oh my God, what’s this sound? It’s not that George was hit by a car, right?” Mother Rabbit fainted as soon as she finished saying this.

Father Rabbit and Uncle Anadas didn’t care about the fainted mother Rabbit, they hurried to the driveway. Along the way, they heard the sound of red deer passing through the bushes, the sound of groundhogs rushing to the driveway panting and babbling, and the sound of Willy the little field mouse screaming and rushing past.

Although the little animals run fast, but the new family is faster than them. Father Rabbit heard the footsteps of the newcomer running towards the driveway, and saw the light of a flashlight shining in front of him.

Seeing someone, the little animals dared not rush forward, so they could only hide in the bushes beside the driveway to observe. I saw a man stepped onto the driveway, bent down, carefully checked a bunch of small things, then took off his jacket and spread it on the ground, knelt down, and whispered: “Okay, okay, don’t be afraid!” Then, He wrapped the little thing in his coat, held it carefully, stood up slowly, and walked towards the big house with slow and heavy steps.

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