Rabbit that grew up all at once

In winter, the beautiful town of Chino is covered with thick snow. Although the sun is hanging high, no one wants to go out on such a cold day.

Jeby, the little rabbit who loves the sun, didn’t want to stay at home. She went to knock on the door of Kitty Vera: “Vera, come out and play!”

“No, it’s too cold. You’d better come in and have coffee together.”

Jeby knocked on the dog Toby’s door: “Toby, come out and play!”

“No, it’s too cold. You’d better come in and have a fire together.”

Little Rabbit Jeby had to play alone. She ran in the snow… Stacked up tall snowmen… Made skis from wooden boards…

Little Rabbit Jebi had a great time, she really wanted to let her friends join in! At this moment, Jebi felt himself being lifted by a pair of warm hands. Immediately afterwards, the sun became extremely bright, and Jeby had to close his eyes.

When Jebby opened her eyes, she found herself in a huge, magnificent palace. It’s very warm here, and it makes people feel like their heart melts. “Only Mr. Sun’s palace can be so warm.” Jebi said to himself. Yes, sitting on that high throne is the great Mr. Sun! Amazingly, in his palace, Mr. Sun is not dazzling at all. He constantly emits a soft light, and he looks so kind and kind.

“Jabbie, you are a brave child,” said Mr. Sun. “Winter is full of fun, and only brave children can experience it. I intend to give you a gift. What do you want?” “I think I want to play in the snow with my friends.” Jeby said.

Mr. Sun smiled. He bowed his head and drew a shiny gold thread from himself. The gold thread gets longer and longer, just like my mother unwraps the sweater.

Mr. Sun twisted the drawn gold thread into a golden thread ball and gave it to Jeby: “Take it back and knit it into a hat, and give it to your friends.” Jeby carefully held the shiny gold thread ball. , It feels so light, so warm.

After returning home, Jebi knitted many golden hats overnight.

Sure enough, with the hat woven by the sun, the partners no longer want to stay at home.

They ran in the snow together…

The snowmen piled high together…

Skiing together…

Sometimes, they are so eager to enjoy the fun of winter, they even forgot to wear the hat woven from the sun and rushed out of the house.

Yes, winter is not so cold at all.

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