Rabbit Wetting the Bed

The rabbit and the hedgehog don’t live close together, separated by a small hill, but they get together every day, and they panic if they don’t meet each other for a day. They will tell each other what secrets they have, and at the same time they will keep secrets for each other.

On this day, the rabbit told the hedgehog: “I wetted the bed last night.”

Hedgehog’s music is broken: “You are so big and wetting the bed!”

The rabbit hurriedly covered the hedgehog’s mouth: “I can’t say it!”

The hedgehog nodded: “Of course!” However, the hedgehog couldn’t help it after all, and accidentally told the secret. All of a sudden, the whole forest knew.

The rabbit was shy and angry: “This dead hedgehog, I will ignore him again!”

The guilty hedgehog came to look for the rabbit and was blocked by the door. The hedgehog apologized to the rabbit: “I’m sorry, I didn’t keep your secret…”

“Stop talking, you go, I never want to see you again!” said the rabbit from the house.

The hedgehog had to go.

Early the next morning, the hedgehog came to look for the rabbit again: “Please open the door, we have an appointment to grow carrots for you today…”

“No, I can grow it myself!” the rabbit said from the house.

The hedgehog had to go home.

Early in the morning on the third day, the hedgehog knocked on the rabbit’s door again: “It’s time to water the corn in your field, I’ll come to you to water it together…”

“No, I can water it myself!” The rabbit replied in the house.

The hedgehog had to go back.

On the fourth morning, the rabbit was about to wait for the hedgehog to come and blame him severely, but wait, wait, the hedgehog did not come.

It was almost noon, and the rabbit went out and heard the magpie say: “The hedgehog is sick and is lying in bed with a fever.”

The rabbit immediately ran away and rushed to the hedgehog’s house. He opened the door and rushed into the house: “Hedgehog, what’s the matter with you?”

The hedgehog on the bed was surprised and rejoiced: “Oh, it’s okay, I took the medicine, and I am better now! Thank you for coming to see me, thank you for forgiving me…”

The blush of the rabbit “I’m sorry” I should have forgiven you…nothing can separate us!”

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