Rabbit’s business card

Now everyone uses business cards fashionablely, and the rabbit also has business cards.

With a business card in his pocket, the rabbit thought: “Don’t be afraid of bullies now.” As he was thinking, he ran into the fox. The fox stopped the rabbit and said, “Want to go there? You have to smile at me three times, to be more likable, understand?”

In the past, even though the rabbit wanted to cry, he still had to accompany three smiles on his face, and he didn’t dare to smile one less. But today, the rabbit is neither panic nor busy. “Swipe” took out a business card from his pocket and handed it over, “Mr. Fox, please take care of it.”

The fox saw that the card was printed: Wolf’s friend rabbit.

The fox was taken aback, and he muttered in his heart: “I didn’t expect the rabbit to become a wolf’s friend. If you bully the wolf’s friend, the wolf is not easy to deal with.” The fox said to the rabbit: “You can really make friends. Congratulations. I’m leaving now.”

The rabbit stopped the fox and said, “I haven’t smiled yet.”

The fox hurriedly said: “No, no, no.” “What’s “no need”?” The rabbit said: “I told you to smile at me three times, and smile likable.” “Okay, okay!-hee he he he he he!”

After the fox left, the rabbit couldn’t help laughing, and not only laughed at all. But then the rabbit saw the wolf coming towards him. “Ah, rabbit,” said the wolf dissatisfied, “according to the old rules you should bow to me three times, why, do you want me to bow to you?”

The rabbit nodded and passed his business card. But this one is a bit different from the previous one: Tiger’s friend rabbit.

Of course the wolf did not dare to offend the tiger. In order to avoid making enemies with the tiger, the wolf had to bow to the rabbit. The rabbit counted earnestly: “One, two, three.-Okay, let’s go!”

The rabbit wanted to laugh again, but there was no time because the tiger was here.

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