Rainbow cake

It’s mother’s birthday, and the little monkey wants to surprise her. After much deliberation, she decided to make a cake for her mother. The little monkey measured the flour and beaten the eggs and added his mother’s favorite strawberry jam, and put it in the big oven. The sweet and waxy scent floated far and wide, attracting little tigers, kittens, little rabbits, little stupid bears, little ducks and many little animals. Everyone wants to eat it. After a while, the little monkey brought out a big red strawberry cake; the little tiger couldn’t help taking a bite. “It’s delicious.” The little animals couldn’t help eating secretly. Soon there was only a thin layer of the thick cake. The little monkey cried anxiously, “What shall I give my mother. Mom will get off work soon.” “I’m sorry, I blame us for being too gluttonous. Now we are all here to help.” Everyone was busy. The little tiger likes to eat meat. It makes a layer of yellow-yellow pork floss cake; the cake made by the kitten is filled with golden fish roe. The cake made by the little rabbit is added with green vegetable juice; the cake made by the little bunny is added with blue blueberry sauce; the cake of the little duck is added with a lot of purple grape juice. Everyone is layered under the red cake of the little monkey. , Has become a beautiful rainbow cake. Mom came back and was stunned. She picked up the little monkey and kissed and kissed: “What a beautiful rainbow cake! Thank you, little baby.” The little monkey said embarrassedly, “It’s everyone’s credit.” Little animals Also laughed. Everyone happily ate the cake together, ah, the rainbow cake is so delicious!

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