Red ants and colorful fruit

“Hey, it’s a great thing to use this big mushroom as a sun umbrella!” The lazy witch was lying under a big beautiful mushroom, basking in the sun and stretching.

Red mushroom

A red ant grabbed the edge of the umbrella cover of the red mushroom and happily swinged on the swing. “Snee–” The lazy witch sneezed loudly. Following the airflow from the sneeze, the red ant flew into the air, and finally landed on the shoulder of the lazy witch.

The lazy witch grabbed the red ant, and with a little force, twisted the red ant’s red bottom.

“Chuck–” A small round red ball was ejected from the red ant’s red ass, and it just landed on the bridge of the lazy witch’s nose. The lazy witch frowned, and said angrily: “You little fellow, dare to fart at me and see if I won’t clean up you!”

The red ant took advantage of the lazy witch’s hand to touch the bridge of her nose, and fled in a swift smoke. No matter what method the Lazy Witch used, she could not catch the little red ball on the bridge of her nose.

“Haha! Don’t get rid of me, I can wash your face!” Haha! The little red ball actually spoke.

Oh, the lazy witch wants someone to wash her face so much! However, she said to Xiao Hongqiu: “Aren’t you just a little ball? How can you wash my face? You must be a liar!”

“There is a ruby ​​hidden in the red ant’s ass. With it, I can become a little girl who can wash your face.” Xiao Hongqiu said seriously, “Let’s go find the red ant. ”

“Di di di di! Da da da! I am a happy dancer!”

Look, on this big red mushroom dotted with white flowers, the red ants are dancing happily, humming a little song in their mouths!

“I’ll sneeze and spit you down!” the lazy witch said angrily.

It’s not good! A sneeze of the lazy witch made a big hole in the mushroom canopy-the red ant fell into the hole! At this time, something more unexpected happened: the red mushroom grew taller and bigger, and finally, it became a beautiful mushroom house. What a beautiful mushroom house! The red roof, blue windows, and golden curtains are very beautiful!

“Ah! I want to bloom!”

“I want to bloom!”


Around the mushroom house, there are magical golden flowers, so bright and beautiful!

“Hi! Lazy witch, come and catch me!” The red ant ran into the golden flowers.

The lazy witch looked and searched among the golden flowers, but she couldn’t find the red ant.

“Hehe, I am here!” The red ant’s voice came from a magical flower. This magical flower is composed of seven petals of different colors, and it seems to be smiling mischievously at the lazy witch.

The little red ball on the bridge of the lazy witch’s nose spoke: “The red ant hides in the stamens of the Qisei flower. It can only come out after the colorful fruits produced by the Qisei flower are mature.”

In this way, the lazy witch waited and waited in the mushroom house, expecting the seven-color flower to bear colorful fruits.

In spring, quietly left in the sultry wind. The summer sun gradually became venomous in bursts of cicadas, and the golden flowers groaned painfully under the scorching sun.

“Qisei flower, Qisei flower, you have to hold on.” The lazy witch frowned and said to the seven-color flower. My little girl washing her face.”

After hearing the words of the lazy witch, the little red ball spoke: “Lazy witch, use your witchcraft to bring the water from the creek here and water the flowers.”

The lazy witch hasn’t used her witchcraft for a long time, because she is lazy! However, the lazy witch really needed someone to wash her face, so she tore off a long hair and built a hair bridge between the mushroom house and the river. The lazy witch took out a few pumpkin seeds from her arms and threw them into the air. Suddenly, these pumpkin seeds turned into barrel children of different colors. They all have hands and feet, and they have big barrel-like bellies, busy on the hair bridge.

“Heh! What a cute barrel kid!” Little Red Ball said happily, “Look! They brought the water, and the flowers are all saved!”





OMG! At this critical juncture, the sneezes of the lazy witch turned out to be non-stop! The children in the barrel were all sprayed over by her.

“Bad witch, how can you sneeze at this time?” Xiao Hongqiu said angrily, “I can never wash your face without the colorful fruits of Qise Hua.”

The lazy witch was also sad, why she regretted that she couldn’t bear it? At this time, she felt itchy in her nose again, “Snee–” She sneezed again.

“There must be too much dust in your nose, that’s why you sneeze all the time!” said the little red ball. “Go to the river and wash it!”

When the lazy witch came to the river, she had come to the river to wash her nostrils, but she drank the water “cuckoo, cuckoo”.

“Snee–” The lazy witch sneezed again. It was a terrible shot. Her mouth was like a sprayer, spraying all the water in her belly toward the place where the colorful flowers bloom next to the mushroom house.

Because of getting enough water, the golden flowers all bear golden fruits. The seven-color flower also produced a beautiful colorful fruit, and the lazy witch waited for the colorful fruit to mature.

At night, the lazy witch slept in the mushroom house. She was hungry and wanted to eat the golden fruits.

“Lazy witch, you can’t eat golden fruits…” Xiao Hongqiu said anxiously.

However, before Xiao Hongqiu’s words were finished, the lazy witch used a piece of hair to stretch out the blue window, pulled a bunch of golden fruits into the mushroom house, and chewed “click, click”.

When the lazy witch ate the seventh golden fruit, her belly gradually grew and grew…

“Ho ho! We are golden fruit essence!” Seven little heads poked out from the lazy witch’s belly, made a grimace at the lazy witch, and then retracted.

“Lazy witch, who told you not to listen to me?” Xiao Hongqiu said, “Those golden fruits will become golden fruit essence, you actually ate them in your stomach.”

“Ah, such a spacious house, if used as our new house for the King of Colorful Fruits, it will be very comfortable.”

“Yes, if our colorful fruit king can get married in the belly of a lazy witch, he will definitely be in the Guinness World Records.”


Hahaha! The golden fruit spirit actually wants to organize a wedding in the belly of a lazy witch!

“Play the gongs and drums! Suona! Sing! Dance!”

The golden fruits outside the mushroom house have all turned into golden fruit essence, and they have come to attend the wedding one by one.

“The King of Colorful Fruits is here!” a voice shouted, “Salute to the supreme bridegroom!”

Surrounded by the golden fruit essence, the colorful fruit king entered the mushroom house.

“The colorful fruit is ripe! Damn red ants, come out!” The lazy witch rushed over, trying to catch the colorful fruit king.

The golden fruit spirits all yelled angrily and rushed to the lazy witch, not allowing her to harm the King of Colorful Fruits.

“Haha! Lazy witch, let’s meet again!” The red ant got out of the fruit of the colorful fruit king, and inadvertently fell over—

“Chilli–” A ruby ​​popped out of the red ant’s ass and landed on the bridge of the lazy witch’s nose.

Ruby ran into the little red ball, and in an instant, the little red ball turned into a red dress girl as big as a thumb. The girl in the red dress sang a song on the bridge of the lazy witch’s nose: “How clear the sky is, how beautiful the world is, how lively the wedding of the golden fruit spirits is…”

“Oh! Our Red Dress Elf is born!”

“How beautiful, the bride of the King of Colorful Fruits!”

The golden fruit spirits marveled at the beauty of the girl in the red dress.

“Hahaha! I finally have someone who washes my face!” The lazy witch walked out of the mushroom house with a wild laugh.

“Friends, don’t let the lazy witch take our red dress elves!” shouted a little fruit spirit who pinched the lazy witch’s nose.

“Ahee–” Xiao Guojing scratched the lazy witch’s nose, and she couldn’t help but sneezed again. It’s fine now. The red dress elves on the bridge of the lazy witch’s nose, the fruit essence that grabbed her hair, the fruit essence that gripped her ears, and the fruit essence that pinched her nose were all sprayed into the brain by the lazy witch’s sneeze. The mushroom house.

“Girl in a red dress, come back! You haven’t washed my face yet! Ah-snee–” The lazy witch sneezed again, anxious for a while.

In the sneezes of the lazy witch, the mushroom house slowly flew up-it carried the colorful fruit king, carried the red dress elves, and carried the golden fruit essence, and flew into the air-the mushroom house flew higher and higher, more and more flying The farther you look, it looks like a red mushroom cloud.

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