Red cherry as a monster

There is a small red cherry on the ground. The little pig smelled and smelled the sweet scent of red cherries.

“Let me take a bite!” Little Pig ran over and said.

“The fool let you bite!” Red Cherry was unwilling, and hurriedly ran away.

The piglet lowered his head and only chased after him, haha, the piglet did not see the way clearly, and fell into the ditch.

The piglet stopped chasing, and the hedgehog came to chase the red cherry again. The hedgehog wanted to wear the red cherry on his head as a hairpin.

“That would be great!” Hedgehog thought happily as he chased it.

The red cherry flees and flees, and is happy to see a row of beautiful red buttons on the mouse sister’s skirt.

“Hehe, the red button looks like me!” Red Cherry jumped and jumped onto the mouse sister’s skirt, standing motionless, making a fake button.

The hedgehog chased it, and looked around. Huh? Red cherries are not seen.

The hedgehog was gone, and the mouse sister “chuckled” and said: “Hedgehog’s eyesight is so bad, the red cherry body is chubby, and I can’t see it.”

Really, the red cherries and the flat buttons are big fat guys.



Red Cherry bid farewell to the mouse sister and not far away, the duck came to chase Red Cherry with a wide mouth open.

“Oh. The duck’s mouth is terrible, like a big cave.”

Red Cherry jumped with fear, and happened to jump on the face of a little white rabbit that was running over. Strangely, the duck saw it, yelled “Quack”, and quickly turned around and ran away.

Hehe, it turned out that the duck regarded the little white rabbit as a monster with three eyes.

The duck escaped, and no one would chase the red cherry anymore. Red Cherry bounced back home and said loudly to her mother: “Mom, I made a button today and I became a monster!”

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