Road in your pocket

Mother Pig took her children to travel, and they talked and laughed along the way. Politically, a large pond blocked their way.

“What should I do?” said a little pig. “Shall we go back like this?”

“I don’t want to go back!” said another piglet.

“Then what to do?”

The children had no idea, they all looked at Mama Pig.

Mother Pig took out something from her body.

“Big volume!” a little pig shouted.

“It’s not a big roll, it’s an egg roll.” The other piglet corrected.

“You are all wrong, it’s a tape measure.” A piglet exclaimed excitedly.

No one can persuade the children. In the end, they all looked at their mother.

“None of you are right.” Mother Pig said with a smile, “However, you will understand soon.”

After Mother Pig finished speaking, she shook her hand slightly, wow, a bright band appeared over the big pond, and when the band fell, it became…

“One way!” the children shouted excitedly.

The road that suddenly appeared in front of me was wide and flat.

“Mother Pig, you are amazing!” the children praised.

“That is!” Mother Pig replied happily.

The children were on the road under the leadership of Mama Pig. The children walked and admired the beautiful and lovely big ponds. The banks were covered with grass and mixed with various wild flowers. They were very beautiful.

After the pond, the children walked forward excitedly. They didn’t notice. Mother Pig bent down, picked up the road, rolled it up again, and put it in her pocket.

They walked all the way, and after a while, a big river blocked their way. This river is so wide, the river is very urgent, “crushing” slapped on both sides.

The little pigs were embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.

“Do you want to cross the river?” Mother Pig asked.

“Of course I thought about it, but…but…” The little pigs don’t know what to say.

The little pigs stared at Mama Pig, and saw that Mama Pig took out another big roll from her pocket.

“Is this another way? How many ways do you have?”

“Isn’t that road thrown in the pond?”

“You are so stupid! Mom picked it up again.”

The little pigs looked at Mother Pig, and Mother Pig lightly patted the head of the last little pig who spoke.

I saw Mother Pig gently toss her hand to the opposite bank, and a bright band appeared in the sky. When the band fell, it turned into an arch bridge, which was firmly erected on the river.

“Great, we can cross the river!” The children cheered.

The pigs ran up the bridge happily, holding on to the railings of the bridge, enjoying the scenery.

After getting off the bridge, the little pigs did not rush to leave. They wanted to see how Mother Pig handled the bridge. I saw Mother Pig picking up the bridge, like rolling a quilt, and rolling up the road again—also a bridge. Finally, the bridge became as big as a fist. Mother Pig put the bridge into her pocket.

“Wow, mother pig, you are amazing!” the little pigs shouted.

Mother Pig didn’t speak, but looked at them with a smile.

Their family was on the road again, and after a while, they reached the foot of a mountain. This mountain is so tall and big, you can’t see it at a glance. The piglets are worried. However, the little pigs soon became happy again, they knew that mother pig must have a way to deal with the current difficulties.

Mother Pig smiled and looked at the little pigs, took out the road from her pocket again, and threw it into the air, only to see a colorful ribbon, yes, not a bright ribbon, but a colorful ribbon appeared in the sky In. After the colorful ribbon fell, it turned into a rainbow—a rainbow bridge appeared on the mountain.

The little pigs screamed with a smile and happily ran up the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge is so tall and big, it connects to the horizon in the distance. Looking from the Rainbow Bridge, the mountain is much smaller.

The piglets were very happy. During this trip, they not only saw many beautiful scenery, but also learned that they have a magical mother. There is a road in my mother’s pocket. This road can become a road, a bridge, and a rainbow bridge!

Little pigs don’t know that their mother pig used to be a famous magician!

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