Rooster Reports Dawn

In ancient times, there were nine suns and nine moons in the sky. Usually, they take turns out, day and night are distinct, and the climate is suitable. But one year, the sun and the moon suddenly became angry. They came out together. The weather was as hot as a stove, the clear springs stopped flowing, the rivers dried up, and the ground cracked. The people struggled with drought and thirst, not knowing how to live.

There was a young man named Noah who was brave and smart. He called on people to climb the mountain and shoot the sun to save themselves. Everyone followed Noah, cutting down the rock mulberry tree to make a crossbow, and cutting off the branches to make an arrow. Noah carried his crossbow and arrow on his back, and walked towards the towering Dongshan.

After a arduous climb, Noah finally stood on the top of the East Mountain. Pull the crossbow to pick up the arrows and shoot them at the sun and the moon. With eight arrows, eight suns were shot down; another eight arrows shot down eight moons. Noah thought to himself: The sun is male and the moon is female, so a couple should be left for seeding. So put away the crossbow and went back to the village.

The heat is gone and the weather is cooler. But the sun and moon that were left behind were scared by the shooting, and they dared not come out from hiding in the sky. The world is dim, there is no day and night, there is no spring, summer, autumn, or winter in a year. The leaves are not green, and the crops are not growing. Noah felt sad when he saw the suffering of the people. He is determined to call out the sun and the moon.

Noah asked everyone, who can call out the sun and the moon? Everyone said in unison: “Big cock! The cock’s voice is soft and bright, and the sound is sweet and beautiful.” It’s really like this, it “Oh oh oh…” After screaming for a while, the sun shook his body and climbed to the top of Dongshan Mountain, shooting out thousands of golden rays. But the timid moon still only dared to show up at night. With the sun and moon in the sky, day and night are distinguished, and the four seasons are distinguished. The trees grew green leaves and the crops bore fruit.

The rooster cried out the sun and the moon for people, bringing light and happiness to the world. From then on, whenever the rooster crowed, the sun showed a smiling face, rising from the back of the mountain, spreading light to the earth, and sending warmth to the world.

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