Rumbling and glittering

It hasn’t rained in the forest for several days. Granny Cat sat alone in the yard, looking at the flowers she planted by herself, and sighed sadly: “Oh, if it doesn’t rain anymore, my flowers will be dry. ”

The kittens who were playing in the yard saw that grandma was so worried and decided to think of a good way to help grandma.

Finally figured out the way! The next day, the kittens borrowed a few waist drums from the Forest Orchestra and slung them on their waists, and then banged them vigorously. The little animals in the forest thought they were performing a show, and they all gathered around.

However, no matter how good the ears are, there should be an end. These little cats knocked from morning to night. Everyone couldn’t sleep anymore. What’s even more strange was that a kitten climbed onto the tree and took a flashlight to the sky.

Everyone can’t stand it anymore, starting to rush to Granny Cat’s house to file a complaint: “What’s the matter with these kittens? It’s playing drums and lights again, we can’t rest anymore!”

Granny Cat was also puzzled. She followed everyone to the forest and shouted: “Kids, don’t knock!” What are you doing? ”

What did the kittens say to Granny Cat and everyone? “It used to be rumbling and shining when it rained. We just want to make the forest full of rumbling and shining. So it will rain soon and grandma’s flowers will be saved.”

After listening to this, the cat grandma told the kittens: “Thunder is booming, and lightning is shining. They are the result of the interaction of clouds when it rains, and it has nothing to do with your drums and lights. ”

After listening to the description of grandma, the kittens were embarrassed, flushed with shame, and honestly went home with grandma cat.

Two days later. It finally started to drizzle in the forest, and the kittens ran into the rain with their waist drums on their backs and knocked them out, but this time they were to celebrate that Granny Cat’s flowers were finally saved. You see, how happy they are!

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