Save the hippo mother

Once upon a time, in a dense forest, a little gray rabbit lived. He is kind and helpful, and many small animals are his good friends. When encountering difficulties, they always look for little gray rabbits.

One day, the little gray rabbit’s neighbor, Hippo’s mother went out looking for food, and unknowingly lost her way in the forest. As I walked, suddenly a big net fell from the sky. The hippo that fell into the net realized that he was surrounded by a group of weasels.

A little weasel with slanted eyes said sharply, “What a coincidence, our lord had a dream last night. He dreamed that he ate a hippopotamus and caught this hippopotamus. Our lord has a dream come true. Ah!” The other weasels, big and small, responded and shouted together: “Catch her and see the king.”

The weasels decided to kill the hippopotamus to eat meat, so that their king’s dream would come true. Hippo’s mother was terrified, but she couldn’t think of a good way to escape, so she asked, “If you have to eat me, then please let me go back again. I want to take another look at the little gray rabbit, he Is my closest friend.”

The weasels agreed to the mother hippo’s request, so they escorted the mother hippo to find the little gray rabbit. On the way back, Mama Hippo was very sad.

On the way, the mother hippo met a little white rabbit under the big tree, and the mother hippo asked: “If you eat something in your dream, then, when you wake up, do you have to eat it?” The little white rabbit squinted his eyes and said, “Yes, if I dream of eating carrots, then I must eat them when I wake up.”

Next, Hippo encountered a little black cow and an owl on the road. She asked the same question again, and everyone said that if you dream of what to eat, you should eat, because the dream should come true!

Now the weasels are even more arrogant. They rushed to Mama Hippo and kept urging her: “Hurry up! Hurry up!” Finally, Mama Hippo came to the house of his old friend Little Gray Rabbit. Mother Hippo sighed and told the little gray rabbit what happened, and then said, “Dear friend, goodbye, please help me take care of my poor child. I am going to go to the weasel and let them The king ate me!”

The little gray rabbit said: “In this case, let me take you there.” As he said, the little gray rabbit jumped onto the hippo’s back.

In this way, the little gray rabbit and mother hippo set off to the weasel. Mother Hippo was very moved with the company of the little gray rabbit, but the little gray rabbit seemed to have nothing happened, and soon snored on the back of the mother hippo.

When they came to the weasel, the little gray rabbit pretended to have just woke up from a dream.

He stretched his waist and said to the Weasel King: “I had a good dream just now. I dreamed that I became the Weasel King. In that case, I can only stay here and be the King.”

The weasels listened and shouted in protest: “Come on, you just had a stupid dream and want to be our king?”

“Yes! This guy is really wishful thinking!”

The little gray rabbit immediately asked: “If I can’t be your king because of a dream, then what reason does your king have to eat my friend based on a dream?”

The little gray rabbit was speechless when asking the weasels, and the mother hippo heard it and argued: “That’s right! That’s the truth! Why do you want to eat me because of a dream?”

The weasels had no choice but to let the mother hippo and the little gray rabbit go back, and the little gray rabbit saved the life of the mother hippo in this way.

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