Secret Bunny

Once upon a time there was a little rabbit called a wheat field.

Because he lives next to the wheat field.

Ryefield is a talkative rabbit who can’t keep secrets. He often tells many of his secrets to others, and he also likes to inquire about other people’s secrets.

For this problem, the carrots in his house were moved away by the mice, and even a big carrot he had hidden in the mud was dug away by Little Mole, because he had told them all these secrets in advance.

One day, the little rabbit saw a person standing in the middle of the wheat field. He was a bit fierce. Holding a fan in his hand, he kept fanning it, watching his surroundings.

The little rabbit wheat field looked at the man for a long time, wondering in his heart, he couldn’t help but want to ask the fierce man a secret.

“Sir,” the little rabbit approached the man boldly and asked, “I want to ask you a secret, why do you only fan a fan when there is wind, but when there is no wind, you don’t fan a fan when the surroundings are very hot? That’s weird!”

The man looked at the little rabbit, and he closed his mouth, as if to say: “This is my secret, I don’t want to tell you.” The

little rabbit is itchy in his heart, he wants to know this secret too much. In the evening, the little rabbit came to the wheat field again, wanting to inquire about this secret again.

At this time, there was no wind in the wheat field, and it was quiet all around, not even a bird. The little rabbit looked at it, and suddenly understood: “Don’t look at this man wearing clothes and holding a fan. It turns out that he is not a real person, but a scarecrow. He is standing here to drive away the sparrows who are greedy for wheat. These birds spoil the crops that the farmers have grown so hard.”

At this moment, a gust of wind blew and the scarecrow waved the fan in his hand.

“Oh, I see.” Little Rabbit said, “You don’t know how to fan your own fan. You will only shake the fan when the wind blows.”

Little Rabbit said to the scarecrow, “Thank you, you help the farmers take care of these crops.” , I will help you keep this secret. Because my name is Maitian, and I am a friend of Maizi and the farmer!”

From then on, the little rabbit often came to the wheatfield to watch the scarecrow swaying a fan, but he never told others, especially those who are greedy. The birds have revealed this secret.

Who said that the little rabbit in the wheat field loves to talk too much and can’t keep secrets?

This time, the little rabbit really learned to keep secrets.

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