Silly bear enters the city

In the forest, there lived a little bear and its mother.

One day, the mother bear said to the little bear: “Child, you have grown up, you should go to the city to see, what are the houses in the city like?”

The next day, Little Bear woke up early and set off after breakfast.

While walking on the road, the little bear raised his head high. “Oh! It’s incredible!” Cub couldn’t help but cried. It turned out that Xiao Xiong found that there were too many houses in the city, colorful and all kinds of shapes, Xiao Xiong looked dumbfounded.

“Hey, where is the white cross on the roof?” As he walked, the little bear came to the door of a black house again, with a camera on the sika deer’s chest, and enthusiastically invited the little bear to take a photo. The little bear was so scared that he ran away, still muttering: “The black house, I’m so scared.”

Little Bear is tired from walking and wants to take a break. It saw a green house in front, and thought: “This is probably a park, I’ll go in and sit for a while.” As soon as the little bear entered the door, he saw the elephant in green clothes was busy receiving customers, and knocked on the postmark. I will use the computer for a while, and write for a while…

The little bear scratched his hair in wonder: “Where did I come?”

Kids, can you tell Little Bear, where did he go when he entered the city, and what did these places do?

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