Skittles (three brother rats)

It rained, and a rainbow appeared on the top of the little building that Brother Rats and theirs.

The mouse said greatly: “This rainbow will be gone in a while, get it down quickly, don’t waste it.”

The second mouse said: “What will I make after I get it down?”

Mouse novel: “Make candy.”

What a great idea, the three brother rats all climbed to the top of the building, grabbed one end of the rainbow, and pulled it down into a big tank.

Stir and stir, add some sugar; stir and stir, add some milk; stir and stir, add some juice.

The brothers took a lot of twigs, inserted them into the tank, turned around, and pulled out a rainbow lollipop.

Every rainbow lollipop has seven beautiful colors.

The three brothers were not willing to taste it, not even willing to lick it. At night, they walked out holding these rainbow lollipops.

They inserted one into the door of Fat Little Pig’s house and one into the door of Little Rabbit’s house. Anyway, one of them was inserted into the door of every family in the village.

At the last shop, the rainbow candy just finished.

They went home and looked at their door, there were no skittles. Mouse novel: “We did it for a long time, and didn’t even know what the smell was.”

The mouse said: “Then let’s put a branch in the door. Tomorrow, when you ask, we will say that we also have skittles.”

The second mouse said: “It’s just that we have eaten the skittles.”

Mouse novel: “It’s very sweet.”

The three brother rats are asleep. Everyone in the village has a rainbow candy on the door, only a branch on the door of the brother Mouse’s house.

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