Small animals build houses

One day, dark clouds enveloped the sky, and a light rain gradually began to fall. The light rain continued to “pitch and patter” underground.

The little monkey and the big white rabbit in the forest are hiding from the rain under the big tree. It’s really cold when it rains! “Oh…” The big white rabbit stomped coldly, “Cough…” The little monkey coughed so coldly. They said: “Build a small house tomorrow!”

The next day, the rain stopped and the father-in-law Sun came out, and the little bird happily “chirped” non-stop. The little monkey has forgotten all what he said yesterday. He slept under the big tree. Having enough sleep, playing again, and picking fruit from the tree to eat, it’s very happy!

The little monkey went to play with the white rabbit. Suddenly, he heard a sound from the woods, “Boom, boom, boom!” It turned out that the white rabbit had picked up bricks, branches and dead grass and was building a small house. It didn’t take long for the white rabbit’s little house to be built, and the little bird on the tree chirped: “The white rabbit’s little house is really good!”

The white rabbit asked the little monkey to come and see. The little monkey said, “I don’t like this little house!”

A few days later, thunder was thundered in the sky, the wind was blowing, and the rain was falling. The white rabbit hid in the small house he built, and couldn’t catch the rain. The little monkey had no place to live, so he had to hide under the tree, coughing and shivering cold.

The white rabbit greeted the little monkey: “It’s raining, come into my little house to hide from the rain!”

The big white rabbit and the little monkey are close to each other, affectionate and affectionate. Although the rain is getting bigger and bigger, but they are not cold at all, nor are they caught in the rain. The little monkey said quietly to the white rabbit: “You are so kind! I am not greedy for fun in the future. I will do today’s things today.”

The white rabbit smiled and nodded. They were just like this, listening to the rain hitting the roof of the small house, making a “patter, patter” sound, which was like the sound of a piano. It was so nice. Ah!

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