Small cloth head

Mother Pig bought back a piece of floral cloth from the market. She made a floral dress for the pig with floral cloth. The piglet was jumping around in the house in a floral dress. Mother Pig threw away the remaining small piece of cloth.

Little Ant Lele picked up the little cloth head that Mama Pig lost. Little Ant Lele took Xiaobutou and looked left and right, and then quietly said to Xiaobutou: “Xiaobutou, Xiaobutou, you are my good friend; change, change, with warmth and happiness.”

Wow, Xiao Butou has become a small boat. Little Ant Lele and Mom and Dad took a boat to Xiaoyu’s house as guests.

The small cloth head became a flying carpet. Little Ant Lele and his parents, sitting on a flying carpet, went to Xiaoniao’s house as guests.

The small cloth head becomes a big stage. Little Ant Lele is singing and dancing on the stage again. Mom and Dad are the best audiences.

Xiao Butou became a tent. Little Ant Lele and his parents, together in the tent to shelter from the wind and rain.

“Wow-wow -” Suddenly one day, Little Ant Lele heard the piglet crying sadly.

The piggy’s floral clothes are torn. Mother Pig couldn’t find a piece of cloth that was the same as the flowered clothes to make up.

Little Ant Lele returned the little floral cloth head to Mother Pig. Mother Pig used the piece of cloth she threw away to make up for the piggy.

The little pig was wearing a patched up floral dress and was jumping around in the room, looking like a little princess.
The paintings made by creative masters of rags are very poetic.

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