Small hole in mulberry leaf

The silkworm baby and the little ant are good friends.

On Little Ant’s birthday, the baby silkworm wants to give him a special gift, but what gift should I give him? The baby silkworm thought and thought.

A green mulberry leaf fell gently from the tree and landed on the silkworm’s back.

“Great, I’ll give the little ant a special leaf.” The baby silkworm thought of a good idea.

The baby silkworm started to work.

Sha Sha, Sha Sha, he was cautiously biting the mulberry leaf bit by bit. It didn’t take long for this mulberry leaf to become a beautiful “heart” shape.

“I also want to get my birthday greetings to Little Ant.”

Click, the silkworm baby bit out the first small hole. In a short while, small holes appeared on the mulberry leaves. Upon closer inspection, these numerous small holes formed the word “sheng”.

Tick, a big bead of sweat fell on the mulberry leaf, and the silkworm was too busy to care.

The baby silkworm started to bite the second word, and he kept biting. It’s really amazing, the baby silkworm bit out another “day” character.

Tick, tick, two big beads of sweat fell on the mulberry leaves.

The baby silkworm didn’t care about wiping sweat, he kept biting countless small holes.

Finally, the baby silkworm bit out the word “happiness” again, and he took a long sigh of relief, feeling so tired. But his heart is as happy as these two words.

The baby silkworm took this piece of mulberry leaf he made with heart and came to the little ant’s house.

“Little ant, happy birthday to you!” The baby silkworm put the mulberry leaf to the little ant’s hand, and said a little embarrassedly, “This is a birthday gift I made specially for you.”

The little ant saw that on this green heart-shaped leaf, there were countless small holes that formed the words “Happy Birthday”, and there were fine silver threads on the words. In the warm sunshine, it is shining light.

“Wow, what a beautiful and amazing gift! I like it so much.” Little Ant exclaimed in surprise, “Thank you! Baby Silkworm.”

The air was filled with the scent of mulberry leaves, and the little ant gave the silkworm a big hug. Friendship shines in the hearts of this good friend like a hole in a mulberry leaf.

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