Small kettle that can sing

There is a golden kettle, living in grandma’s house. He is a good friend of grandma’s.

Outside the house, snowflakes are painting. Grandma made it on the furry mat and said: “Little golden kettle, let me tell you a story.” The little kettle said, “Okay, good!” The small golden kettle was sitting on the red stove, while it was burning. , While listening to the story.

The story is very nice, and the little kettle is very happy to hear it. The fire made him warm up. He said to grandma: “I want to sing!” Grandma said: “Sing, I love hearing you sing the most.”

The little golden kettle hummed in a low voice, then couldn’t help but sing loudly.

Grandma thought it sounded good, and quickly poured the hot pot of songs into a thermos.

Grandma stood at the door and shouted: “Little tiger of the owner, little plum of the west, come to grandma’s house!”

Little Huzi came, with a few snowflakes on his hat, and Xiaomei came with a few snowflakes on his braid. Grandma poured a cup of hot tea for Xiao Huzi and a cup of hot tea for Xiao Meizi. Xiaohuzi drank and giggled, Xiaomei drank and sang.

The tea in grandma’s thermos is tea that can sing! Because the tea is boiled out of a small golden kettle. The small golden kettle is a small kettle that can sing!

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