Smelly dragon

The smelly dragon is always awake. After a while, it jumped into the creek looking for beautiful little stones, and then went into the grass to look for medicinal herbs that could cure diseases, and then went to the mud pond to dig delicious lotus roots… Therefore, the smelly dragon can’t be cleaned, it’s always It’s smelly, so everyone calls it the smelly dragon!
Everyone likes to look for stinky dragons, because stinky dragons are not afraid of dirty or smelly. He can do any dirty work.

Look, the toilet at Wai Waihu’s house is blocked, and an unpleasant smell floats out. When the smelly dragon heard about it, he hurried over. It not only unblocked the toilet, but also poured excrement into the vegetable field. Ha, the vegetables in this vegetable plot must grow big and good this year.

Look, there are mountains of rubbish on the street, but no one wants to transport this rubbish. Without a word, the smelly dragon drove up the truck. In less than half a day, it transported all the rubbish away.

Look, after the heavy rain, there was smelly garbage and silt everywhere in the square. Everyone covered their noses and walked away. The smelly dragon ran over. It not only shoveled with a shovel, but also used both hands to lift up the silt in the corner…The next day, the square became as clean as before.

After doing so much dirty work, the smelly dragon became more smelly. Everyone disliked it, and they were unwilling to invite it at a party. Everyone thinks that as soon as the smelly dragon comes, the surrounding air will become stinky-my God, how bad it is! Therefore, until now, the smelly dragon has never attended any party. It is always busy alone.

However, when encountering dirty and smelly things, everyone always likes to ask the smelly dragon to help.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come right away!” The smelly dragon always yelled and was on call.

Maybe the smelly dragon was born to like to do these dirty and smelly things! Thinking about this, everyone gradually got used to not calling them stinky dragons at parties, and calling them stinky dragons whenever there was dirty work.

However, one day, the smelly dragon suddenly left. It is going back home. The hometown of Smelly Smelly Dragon is far, far away. If you go back, you may never come back again!

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