Sprinkler rest

Sprinklers usually work on construction sites, and today he has a rest. Early in the morning, the sprinkler filled the water tank with water. He liked the feeling that the water tank was full, even if he was resting. As the sprinkler was walking on the road, he was so distracted by a problem that he almost hit a telephone pole.

What should I do during the rest? Rest is nothing! Okay, then do nothing! The sprinkler was walking while humming a song: la la la…

The sprinkler passed a small apple tree whose leaves were yellow and slumped weakly. The little apple tree must be thirsty, if only it rained.

The sprinkler looked up at the sky, and there was no dark cloud in the sky. Alas!

The sprinkler was sighing, and suddenly remembered: There is water in his pitcher! Wow, wow…

The sprinkler watered the little apple tree as if it had rained. The little apple tree was full of water and finally had energy. His trunk stood up, and the leaves shone.

Before the little apple tree could express his gratitude, the sprinkler had gone. Today he rests, he will continue to do nothing.

This road is really dirty, it’s all mud. The sprinkler can’t stand walking on such a dirty road. The sprinkler left the dirty road and detoured to a clean road.

However, after a while, he walked around again. No one cares about such a dirty road. Wow, wow…

The sprinkler started to clean the dirt road, and he washed the road clean with water.

Now, the sprinkler can take a good walk on a clean road. You don’t need to do anything, just take a walk.

Boom booming-it’s the sound of an excavator.

The excavator had just cleaned up the silt in the creek, making it dirty and smelly, and all the vehicles on the road avoided him.

The sprinkler came to the excavator, asked the cleaner to connect the water pipe, and gave the excavator a shower.

Before the excavator had time to express his gratitude, the sprinkler was on the road again. His task today is to do nothing.

Thick smoke came over, as if there was a fire, and the sprinkler hurried to the front to see.

Thick smoke and flames emerged from the windows of a house, and the fire grew stronger.

After escaping from the house in a panic, people shouted: “Help! Help!”

“Come on to put out the fire!”

“Call the fire truck!”

The sprinkler rushed forward, set up a water gun and immediately sprayed water to extinguish the fire.

When the fire truck arrived, the sprinkler had already put out the fire. When people want to thank the sprinklers, they find that the sprinklers are missing.

The sprinkler has more important things to do, that is: do nothing!

The water tank of the sprinkler was empty, and there was no drop of water.

He hummed as he walked home: la la la la la la…

The sprinkler likes rest days. He can do nothing. It feels great!

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