Strange dance

Qiqi and Weiwei are elves brothers and sisters in the forest.

On this day, the weather was clear and the sun was shining brightly, Qiqi decided to take her sister Weiguai to a far place to play, and by the way, help Grandpa Monkey pick some fresh wild fruits.

They flew, flew over the treetops, through the white clouds, and saw a denser forest. The big trees there are entwined with vines and they are very beautiful; the wild fruits there are very big and have a special fragrance; the birds there are singing cheerful songs, and the streams are playing beautiful tunes… The fairyland in the picture book is the same.

While picking big and fragrant wild fruits, they learned to sing along with the birds. Suddenly weird screamed: “Ah!” Qiqi hurriedly asked what had happened, and weird said that her back hurts. But Qiqi didn’t see anything on Wei Wei’s back. They continued to play and sing again, and suddenly, weird dance began. At first, Qi Qi thought that Wei Wei danced because of happiness, but Wei Wei did not stop dancing for a long time, and she refused to stop no matter how she told her. This was anxious for Qiqi, and it didn’t work for him to shout desperately.

Qiqi was at a loss, and stayed by the stream with a sad face and wept. Suddenly a fish elf swam up to him and asked him why he was crying. He told the fish elf what had happened. The fish spirit said it might be a monster made by a tarantula. “Ah, what is a tarantula? Why did my sister dance?” Qiqi asked. “Tarantula is a kind of spider, but it is poisonous. After biting someone, it can make people convulse and dance frantically. Only when people jump to exhaustion and exhaust all the venom through sweat will they stop.” Fish spirit Said. Qiqi then understood why her sister said that her back hurts a while ago. It turned out to be the poisonous hand under the tarantula. He wanted to find a tarantula to settle the account, but the fish elf said that the tarantula had bitten a person, and he would have gone away long ago, so he had better stay with the monster until she was tired and sweaty. Qiqi waited and waited until Guai was sweating profusely and couldn’t stop, that he was carrying her at the same house with a basket on his back.

They will always be very careful when going out in the future.

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