Stupid Pig’s Travel Notes

On this day, Ben Ben Zhu and his beautiful bride, Qiao Qiao Zhu, went to spend their honeymoon. They took a boat to cross a big river, then took a plane to fly over the majestic mountains, and finally took a bus to a meadow full of flowers. This grassland is the starting point for the trekking of the dumb pig and the Qiaoqiao pig.

The dumb pig and the Qiaoqiao pig walked hand in hand on the grass, enjoying the beautiful scenery while bathing in the warm sunshine. Suddenly, they heard a call for help. The stupid pig ran to the small stream where the sound was made, pulling a Qiaoqiao pig arrow. It turned out to be a small fish struggling in a stream that was about to dry up.

The stupid pig asked Xiaoyu: “What’s wrong with you? What about your companions?” Xiaoyu said sadly: “Because of the drought, my companions are all dead, and now I am the only one left. Please help me. !”

Qiaoqiao pig scratched his head in a hurry, and said, “What can I do?” The dumb pig took out a bottle of mineral water and a small bucket from his travel bag without a hassle, and poured the mineral water into the small bucket. Inside. The stupid pig asked Xiaoyu: “Do you want to live in a small bucket and travel with us? We can take you to Dahe, where there will be your companions.” Xiaoyu said excitedly: “I do, I do! Thank you.”

Stupid pigs and Qiaoqiao pigs are so happy! Because there is an extra travel partner during the journey, their honeymoon trip will be more lively and fun!

They walked through green grasslands, over steep mountains, and through dense forests…

Finally, they heard the sound of “sweeping” water, and a wide and big river unfolded in front of them. The river is crystal clear, and the fish swim happily in the water. Stupid pig said happily to Xiaoyu: “Haha, I finally found Dahe! This is your new home.” Xiaoyu reluctantly said to Stupid Pig and Qiaoqiaozhu, “Thank you for saving me!” , Xiaoyu jumped and jumped into the wide river.

The dumb pig and the Qiaoqiao pig smiled happily when they saw the little fish swimming happily in the river with their companions. They looked at each other happily and felt that this honeymoon trip was particularly meaningful and memorable.

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