Sugar crumbs on the side of the bear’s pacifier

Mr. Porcupine thought he was great.

——Because he is a detective.

Today, Grandma Xiong walked by his side. He said to Grandma Xiong, “Did you eat sesame candies today?”

Grandma Xiong said, “I am not a child, what sesame candies are

you eating .” “You must have eaten sesame candies. , You don’t need to be afraid of embarrassment.” Mr. Porcupine said confidently.

“I’m not afraid of embarrassment, you should be afraid of embarrassment, because you guessed wrong.” Grandma Xiong was a little angry.

“I am definitely not wrong, because you have sesame sugar crumbs on your lips. Did they fall from the sky or grow by yourself?” Mr. Porcupine was as proud as he had caught some criminal.

“You are still wrong. You can think about what other possibilities are there.” Grandma Xiong kindly reminded Mr. Porcupine.

“No, there is no other possibility. Only if you eat sesame candies, can you have sugar crumbs on your lips.” The porcupine became more confident.

Grandma Xiong smiled and said: “You are not a good detective, because you are too proud and too confident.”

When Grandma Xiong said the answer, Mr. Porcupine had to bow and apologize. Do you know the answer?

Haha, are you guessing? Grandma Xiong kissed her grandson when she went out. The grandson was eating sesame candies, and the sugar crumbs on his mouth suddenly jumped to grandma’s mouth.

——This is the candy that confuses Mr. Porcupine.

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