Zhiyue is a talkative lady. And she doesn’t think that speaking too much is a shortcoming, on the contrary, she feels that she is very talented.

One day, Zhizhi ran into a fly. Her chatter box opened: “Isn’t this Big Brother Fly? Oh, your face looks so good, have you recently made a fortune? Or, you pay special attention to maintenance! Oh, your suit fits very well! That tailor shop made it to order, I also want to get a set for myself. Oh, and where are you going? Are we going on the way? Is it okay together? … “There is no end to knowing No matter how impatient the fly grinned, she didn’t seem to see it at all. She danced and talked about the Mr. Niu she met two days ago, and said that the frogs have acne on their bodies, which is very ugly…The flies really can’t listen to them, so she deceived Zhizhi and said: “Zhimei, I heard that the wasp The boss is very lonely lately. He hopes that a lady who can speak well will accompany him to talk, and will pay a high salary.” I was very happy to hear that, after she thanked the fly with hundreds of words of thanks, she went to see the wasp boss.

Knowing that I saw the Hornets, I started to talk about my intentions. “Dear Hornet boss, I’m here to speak with you, everyone says my voice is very beautiful! Oh, with me, you will find that you will not be lonely at all. I will tell you about the old cow, the frog What’s more, and what you want to hear…” What a grumpy guy was the Hornets, he didn’t understand what he was talking about, but he felt that the meat came to his mouth, no It’s a pity to eat, so I asked, “I know, you are so magical. Now, let’s talk about how to eat a piece of ready-made meat?” After hearing this, he laughed and said, “That’s not easy! Eating, stir-frying, sweet and sour are good…” Before Zhi Zhi finished speaking, the wasp killed Zhi Zhi.

According to Zhi Zhi, the Hornets divided Zhi Zhi into three portions, ate one portion raw, fried one portion, and made another portion into sweet and sour pork ribs and ate it.

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