The Adventures of the Big Grey Stone

On the top of a high mountain, an ugly and hard big grey stone lives with a bunch of strangely shaped beautiful white.

stones … Although the big grey stone is ugly, it is friendly and has made many good friends, such as Grandpa Dashu, Sister Xiaoniao, Granny Feng, Uncle Yu… They have been living a happy and peaceful life. Every day, the kindly grandfather Big Tree stretches his arms to shield the big grey stone from the sun and rain. The lively little bird sister often falls on the tree and sings for the big grey stone. Although Grandma Feng and Uncle Yu have a weird temper, they are gentle. The gentle breeze and drizzle made the big grey stone feel very comfortable.
But one day soon after, the peaceful life of Big Grey Stone was broken.

A group of outing people were tired from climbing to the top of the mountain, resting comfortably on the big gray stone, and talking while looking at the beautiful scenery in the distance. After the rest, everyone was about to go down the mountain. Suddenly a young man pointed to the shiny white stones next to the big grey stone and said in surprise: “Look! These white stones are so beautiful, how nice they are to decorate at home!” The voice just fell off. , People have picked their favorite white stones and put them in their bags to take them away, but no one praised the big gray stones for them to sit on. The Big Grey Stone was very sad and said to himself: “Is it because I’m so ugly, nobody cares about me?” So the Big Grey Stone asked Granny Feng to blow herself clean and Uncle Yu to wash herself white. Although Granny Feng and Uncle Yu tried their best to help it, it was still gray. “Oh, it seems that I am destined to be a big gray stone that is neither useful nor likes!” The big gray stone thought dejectedly.

Day after day, year after year, the big grey stone is waiting to be discovered. Finally one day, Granny Feng and Uncle Yu quarreled, and suddenly the wind was strong and the rain poured down. The big gray stone was inadvertently washed away by a huge current, rolled towards the small village below the mountain, and hit a house heavily. Suddenly, the house collapsed, but fortunately the people inside escaped in time. After the heavy rain, people planned to rebuild a sturdy house. A person pointed to the big gray stone lying in the house and said: “What a hard rock! It just can be used to lay a solid foundation.” So, after a while, the big gray stone opened his eyes and found that he was Buried under the dark ground, the surroundings were dark and there was nothing to see. It cried in fear. At this time, Mother Earth’s voice came from beside him: “Child, do you know? The whole house is supported by you. You are amazing!” After hearing this, the big grey stone burst into tears and smiled: “Really? It turns out that I didn’t have any effect at all!” Ten years have passed, twenty years have passed, a hundred years have passed, and the house supported by the big grey stone still stands tall.

After this adventure, Big Grey Stone understands: Everything has its own value, and value depends on its location. Let’s find the right place for ourselves together!

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