The basement in the tree hole

The cave of a big tree is the home of the little bear. In winter, there is heavy snow outside, and the bear has been sleeping in the warm tree hole.

Spring is here, and summer is also here. Innocently hot The tree hole is also very hot. The little bear thought: If you dig down wood in a tree hole to dig out a basement, wouldn’t it be cool?

Hearing that the mole can dig a hole, the bear goes to the mole for help. Mole said: “I can only dig soil, not wood. Otter’s teeth can gnaw wood, go find him.” The bear found the otter by the pond, and the otter was very happy to be able to help the bear. , Showing his big teeth and said to the little bear: “Only I can do the job of chewing wood.”

I don’t know, the wood under the tree hole is too hard. The bear and the otter had been busy for several days, and it took a lot of effort before they dug a hole in the tree and saw the roots and dirt. Ha, the little bear is very happy lying under the tree hole, the newly dug basement is much cooler, and it smells of damp earth, which is really nice.

The little bear was too tired and fell asleep in a daze. After sleeping for several days, he came to the tree cave lazily.

When he looked up, he was stunned. Hey, why did the leaves turn yellow? The leaves on other trees are still green. Why does this tree of yours seem to be dying?

The tree was hollowed out, wounded its roots, and soon died.

In a violent storm, the big tree fell down. Poor bear, did a stupid thing and ruined his home.

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