The Big Annoyance of “Street”

When the “street” walked over, it thumped and thumped, and the whole valley shook.

“Go back, go back. Don’t let others see you.” The little quail drove the “street” back to the valley.

“Mom.” “Street” said.

“Shhh-” said the little quail, “not mother, you are my pet.”

“Street” sat on the ground aggrievedly, looking at the little quail. It is as big as 99 little quails. As soon as “Mom” said it, it spat out a small fire. The fire just burned to the tail of the little quail. “Ah, ah, ah!” The little quail jumped up and sat on six duns to put out the fire.

The little bear is here, and the little dinosaur is also very happy. “Wow!” It vomited another fire, and the little bear jumped up quickly and stepped on it eight times before stepping on the fire.

“You can’t keep it here all the time.” Little Bear said to Little Quail. The little bear asked the little dinosaur: “Are you happy?” The little dinosaur pointed to the little quail with a smile and nodded. “Mom!” said the little dinosaur, breathing out fire.

“It can only say these two words, and I won’t let it go outside.” The little quail ate fruit for “Street”, and at the same time, stepped on the fire that “Street” had just sprayed.

This won’t work, it will catch fire. There is it! The little quail also found the little rabbit and the little pig, and gave everyone a helmet and a fire extinguisher.

“So you won’t be afraid of catching fire, and you can have fun when you are full.” The little quail patted “Street” on the big head.

On this day, the “street” breathes fire as much as it wants.

It sprays on the trees, sprays on the clouds, sprays into the belly button (qi) eye (cavity) of the mountain…

Everyone followed the butt of “Street” and spent the whole day as firemen. When it was dark, everyone was so tired that they lay on the ground. However, looking at the dark sky, the “Street” was so happy, it sprayed two torches, and illuminated the valley brightly and warmly.

“Haha, my’street’ is awesome!” The little quail flapped its short wings.

“Rocket!” said the little rabbit, pointing to the sky.

“Street” flew up, sprayed two fires at the rocket’s butt, and the rocket rushed to the moon.

“Awesome!” everyone clapped their hands and shouted.

“Street” became more vigorous, it flew faster and faster, and it flew more and more powerful. As it flew, it spewed fire with big mouths, and the flames became one piece, half of the sky was full, and it was as beautiful as clouds.

The little quail shouted with joy: “Fly, fly, fly higher and farther.” “Mom!” The little dinosaur flew away vigorously.

When the Xiaguang disappeared, nothing seemed to have happened, and there were no more little dinosaurs.

“Ahem!” Little Bear comforted the little quail, “Don’t be sad, I’ll give you a pet tomorrow.” The little quail said, “Hush—have you heard the’street’ calling’mother’.”

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