The big bad wolf and the seven lambs

Once there was a goat mother, she had seven children. One day, the mother goat was going to the forest to find something to eat.

So, she called the seven lambs to her, and told them one by one: “If the big bad wolf comes when I am away, you must never open the door.” “The big bad wolf’s voice is thick and its claws are It’s black. With these, you will recognize it all at once.”

The seven little goats said, “Don’t worry, Mom, we will be careful.”

It didn’t take long for someone to knock on the door. “Little goat, be good, I am a mother, and I am back, bringing so many delicious things.”

But the voice sounded rough and rough, and the little goats replied loudly: “If you can’t open it, you can’t open it. Mom doesn’t have the rough voice of yours.”

So, the big bad wolf went to the store and bought some talcum powder to eat, so that the voice sounded softer. Now, he came to the little goat’s door again.

“Little Yang’er, I am a mother, and I am back, bringing so many delicious things.”

But from the small crack in the door, the little goats saw the dark claws of the big bad wolf.

“If you can’t open it, you can’t open it, mom doesn’t have your black claws.”

So, the big bad wolf said viciously: “Do as I said, or I will eat you!” The miller was frightened and sprinkled some flour on the big bad wolf’s paws.

The big bad wolf knocked on the little goat’s door again. “Boom boom boom”.

“Little goat, be good, I am a mother, and I am back, bringing so many delicious things.”

The little goats saw the white paws and thought it was their mother standing outside the door.

“Welcome mother back!”

As soon as the door opened, the big bad wolf jumped into the house with a whirr.

“Ah…no!” The little goats screamed and hurriedly hid in the house. The boss hid under the table, the second child hid in the bed, and the third child climbed into the stove. The fourth ran to the kitchen, the fifth sneaked into the closet, the sixth covered himself with a washbasin, and the seventh got into the grand clock.

But the big bad wolf found them effortlessly and swallowed the little goats into their stomachs one by one. Only the little goat hiding in the grandfather clock was not eaten. The big bad wolf was so full that he staggered out and fell asleep under a big tree.

Soon, the goat mother came back.

“Oh…, no! What happened? My child, answer me quickly!” However, only one kid replied, “I’m here, mother!”

“The big bad wolf is here and ate them all.” The mother goat ran out quickly.

She saw the big bad wolf lying on the grass sleeping. “His stomach is still moving, maybe I can rescue the children.”

The mother goat said to the little goat, “Quickly, get some scissors and needles and threads!”

The mother goat cut the wolf’s belly with scissors, and the little goats jumped out one by one.

“Oh! Thank God, we are saved!”

None of the six little goats were injured. The mother goat said to the cheerful little goats: “Hurry up and find some rocks.”

“Hi! Hi! Hi…” The seven little goats moved the rocks together. The mother goat filled the belly of the big bad wolf with stones and sew it quickly.

“Okay, so be it!”

The goat family hid immediately, waiting to see what would happen.

Soon, the big bad wolf woke up.

“Oh, ah! I’m really thirsty, I must have eaten too much. Um… Yes, it’s better to drink some water first.”

But when the big bad wolf wants to stand up…

“Oh! My stomach looks like a ton of bricks!”

The big bad wolf had to crawl to the side and bend down to drink water. However, his body is so heavy that—”Pump!” The big bad wolf fell into the well all at once.

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